Poco M5 overheating? Try these easy solutions!

In this post, we will address and understand the reasons for overheating issues on your Poco M5 and offer easy ways to fix the problem.

Easy Ways to Fix Overheating Issues on Your Poco M5

1. Excessive temperature:

High ambient temperatures can cause overheating issues on the Poco smartphone. Exposure to direct sunlight can noticeably increase the overall temperature of the phone. Try not to leave your device in hours of direct sunlight or in immoderate environments for long intervals.

2. Heavy use:

Intensive tasks including gaming, video streaming, or prolonged use of a digital camera can generate heat and increase the temperature of the phone, leading to such issues.

3. Software optimization:

Make sure your phone’s operating system is up to date, as software glitches can cause these types of problems. Manufacturers frequently release software updates to fix overheating issues and improve overall performance. Find and configure any available updates through the device settings menu.

4. Charging techniques:

Charging the smartphone while using it intensively or in high ambient temperatures can cause the battery and components to heat up, causing overheating. Make sure to use the charger and cable supplied with the Redmi Tool or any add-ons that are compatible with your phone.

5. Processes in Background:

Background focuses and constantly running apps can consume resources and contribute to overheating. Close unnecessary apps to lose device fonts and fix those issues. Use built-in battery optimization features or manager capabilities to understand and postpone strategies that consume too many CPU and memory sources.

6. Device maintenance:

Regular maintenance can prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, which can also hinder air flow and dissipation. Clean the ports with a soft, dry cloth or compressed air to remove dust and particles. Avoid using the device with a protective case that can trap heat and disrupt airflow, especially during charging or using heavy applications.

7. Safe Mode:

Starting your smartphone in safe mode can help discover and fix overheating issues due to third-party apps. If the overheating is resolved, it may be due to a third-party app configured on the phone.

8. Factory Reset:

If overheating issues persist even after trying the above methods, a factory reset can also help fix the software issues. Please back up your information before doing this, as this step will erase all your data. After the reboot, reinstall the apps and registries to find out the culprit functions causing overheating issues.

9. Hardware inspection:

In some cases, hardware defects or malfunctions may be the underlying reason for overheating. Monitor the temperature and overall performance frequently to protect your device in case of abnormalities or continuous overheating issues. If overheating persists despite software application optimizations and troubleshooting efforts, contact Poco customer service or seek expert assistance for analysis.


By implementing these above-mentioned ways, you can fix overheating issues on your Poco M5 and maintain overall temperature and performance.

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