Problems with the GPS of the Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G? A simple guide!

This guide addresses GPS issues on your Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G and offers detailed methods to fix them so you have the correct location data.

Tips to fix GPS problems on your Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G

1. Weak GPS signal:

Weak GPS signal reception may cause incorrect positioning and navigation. Make sure your Redmi smartphone has a clear view of the sky, as houses and buildings can disrupt GPS reception. Test overall GPS performance in an open area away from barriers to see if the signal improves.

2. Location Services Settings:

Incorrect location settings may affect GPS functionality. Go to Settings, Location segment, choose the Mode option and make sure you choose the appropriate mode (High Accuracy, Battery Saving). Choose “High Precision” mode for the best GPS performance as it uses GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to find the region.

3. GPS Calibration:

Calibrating the GPS sensor can improve accuracy and performance. Install a GPS calibration app from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions to calibrate the GPS sensor on your smartphone. Perform calibration outdoors in an open region to get perfect results.

4. Clear GPS Data and Cache:

Clearing the GPS cache can fix software-related issues that may be affecting GPS performance. Go to the Settings > Manage Apps phase, select the specific app and click Storage & Cache > Clear Cache. Repeat the method for all GPS-associated applications configured on the system.

5. Software Updates:

Software updates play a vital role in optimizing overall performance and fixing bugs or functionality issues. Make sure your phone is running the updated version of MIUI and Android to benefit from regular performance updates and fixes that could help resolve such issues.

6. Disable battery optimization:

Battery optimization features can also restrict GPS tasks, causing delays or inaccuracies in area updates. Disable battery optimization for GPS-associated applications to ensure uninterrupted GPS functionality. Navigate to Settings > Battery & General Performance and disable optimization or limit it as per your choice.

7. Reset Network Settings:

Resetting network settings can help resolve persistent GPS issues related to machine software crashes or misconfigurations. To do so, go to Settings > Additional Settings, choose Backup & Reset, then visit Reset Network Settings and choose Reset. After resetting these settings, see if the problems persist.

8. GPS Hardware Check:

Rarely, problems with GPS can be caused by hardware defects or malfunctions. Test GPS performance using different GPS apps to check consistency and accuracy. If GPS issues persist despite software optimizations and troubleshooting efforts, please contact Xiaomi customer service or seek professional help for hardware diagnosis and repair.

9. Factory reset your device:

If GPS issues continue even after trying the steps above, a factory reset could also help fix underlying software issues. Please backup your data in advance as this step will erase all your data. After the reset, selectively reinstall apps to identify any culprit capabilities causing GPS issues.


By following the methods mentioned above, you will be able to fix GPS issues on your Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G and have reliable location data.

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