Problems with the GPS of the Xiaomi Civil 3? Follow these tips to fix them!

In this guide, we will find out the reasons behind GPS problems on your Xiaomi Civi 3 and provide you with detailed tips to resolve this problem.

Simple tips to solve GPS problems on your Xiaomi Civi 3

1. Enable Location Services:

Your phone relies entirely on the location service to provide specific GPS data. You must verify that the services are enabled from settings. Additionally, it is vital to check the app settings for location permissions. If these services are disabled, or if an application is denied permission to access the mobile phone’s region, they can cause problems associated with GPS.

2. GPS signal strength:

A weak GPS signal can cause incorrect results or possibly not identify your location. You should make sure you are in an open location with a clear view of the sky, as tall buildings can cause interruptions and weaken GPS reception.

3. High precision mode:

Your Xiaomi device has numerous modes, including High Precision; This mode uses GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data for accurate data. You should check if your smartphone has high precision mode enabled in the settings. This ensures the use of multiple resources for region information, improving the overall reliability of GPS data.

4. GPS Calibration:

Calibrating your compass and GPS can substantially improve accuracy. You need to access the compass app on the Xiaomi smartphone and follow the on-screen commands to calibrate the sensor.

5. Toggle airplane mode:

Enabling and disabling Airplane Mode can act as a quick reset of your phone’s connections, which include GPS. This can help troubleshoot any device failures that affect GPS functionality. After toggling Airplane Mode, you can open a GPS-based app (like Google Maps) to check if the issue has been resolved.

6. Reset Network Settings:

Resetting network settings can fix issues related to GPS connectivity. You can navigate to the settings, locate the “System” or “Reset” segments and click to reset these settings. This step returns the settings associated with the network to their default state, possibly resolving GPS issues.

7. Clear GPS App Cache:

If a specific GPS app is causing issues, clearing its cache can update and fix these issues. You can navigate to Settings > Manage app alternative, select the specific app and clear its cache. Then reopening the app and testing the GPS functionality can help identify if the issue has been resolved.

8. Battery saving mode:

While battery saver modes are very effective at conserving battery life, they can limit GPS functionality. You should check if your Xiaomi mobile phone is in battery saving mode and deactivate it so that the GPS works with its best functionality.

9. Software Updates:

Firmware and software system updates are essential for optimization. Xiaomi releases updates frequently to improve the standard overall performance and remove bugs. Check these updates frequently and configure them if available in settings.

10. Professional Assistance:

If GPS problems persist, seeking expert help may be essential. You can contact Xiaomi Support or go to an authorized service center for analysis and testing of hardware or software applications. Persistent problems may also mean underlying problems that require professional attention.


By addressing these reasons and imposing these simple tips, you will be able to solve and have a reliable GPS function on your Xiaomi Civi 3 and navigate without problems.

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