Redmi 13C 5G not turning on? Simple solutions!

In this manual, we will discover the reasons why your Redmi 13C 5G does not turn on and we will provide you with simple steps to resolve them and have your phone operational again.

Simple steps to fix not turning on issues on your Redmi 13C 5G

1. Problems with battery consumption:

A dead battery can cause the Redmi phone to become unresponsive. To fix this, plug your phone into a charger for at least half an hour. Make sure the charger and cable are working properly and try using a different charger or outlet if necessary. Check charging signs and symptoms, along with LED lighting or battery icons, to confirm that the phone is receiving power.

2. Power button malfunction:

A malfunctioning power button may prevent your device from turning on. Press the power button firmly over and over again to make sure it is not stuck. If the button appears broken or unresponsive, contact customer support for restoration or replacement options.

3. Forced reboot:

Defects or failures in software applications can cause the mobile phone to become unresponsive and not turn on. Perform a force restart by pressing the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Hardware Damage:

Physical damage to internal components, along with the motherboard or battery, may prevent the device from turning on. Inspect for signs of physical damage, including cracks, dents, or water. Also, check whether the system heats up or not at the time of charging as this may indicate a hardware issue.

5. Try a different charger and cable:

Damaged charging cables or adapters can cause charging problems. If your smartphone does not react to the initial charger and cable, try using any other set to avoid problems with charging accessories.

6. Remove SIM card:

Occasionally, a hardware failure can also cause these types of problems, which include SIM and SD cards, remove each of them and try turning on the phone to check if the problem is within the SIM or SD cards.

7. Battery replacement:

Over time, the overall performance of your phone’s battery decreases. If your Redmi smartphone is still within the warranty period, please contact Xiaomi customer service for an alternative battery.

8. Check for water or moisture:

If your phone has been exposed to moisture or water, it will stop responding. You must start by drying your device to solve this problem. Start by removing all detachable elements from your device and placing them in a sealed rice package to absorb moisture.

9. Seek professional assistance:

If none of the troubleshooting steps solve the problem and the Redmi device still does not turn on, it is recommended to seek expert help from Xiaomi Customer Center or technicians. Authorized technicians have the experience and equipment to diagnose and repair complex hardware problems.


With the steps provided in this manual, you can fix no power on issues on your Redmi 13C 5G and have a working mobile phone.

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