Redmi K70 slow charging? Follow these paths!

In this comprehensive manual, we will offer you several ways to solve slow charging problems on your Redmi K70 and introduce you to a fast charging process for your mobile phone.

Effective tips to fix slow charging issues on your Redmi K70

1. Apps and background usage:

Background apps and processes can consume phone sources, even if the phone is not in use. Go through the list of Settings apps and choose unused apps. Close apps manually or use built-in capabilities like the “Battery Usage” section in settings to discover and restrict apps that consume excessive battery power.

2. Power supply and adapter:

The power supply and adapter may affect the charging rate. Plug the charger into a wall outlet and avoid using USB on your PC or extensions as it could also reduce charging performance. Use an adapter that provides enough output for instant charging.

3. Enable airplane mode:

Enabling Airplane mode disables wireless connectivity capabilities, reducing power consumption and possibly speeding up the charging method. Activate Airplane mode before connecting the phone to the charger to optimize the charging procedure. Alternatively, disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data selectively to resolve this issue.

4. Factory reset your device:

If slow charging issues persist even after trying the above methods, a factory reset can also help fix underlying software issues. Back up your data as this step will erase all your data. After the reboot, selectively reinstall apps to identify any culprit functionality causing lagging issues.

5. Clean charging port:

Dirt or particles accumulated inside the charging port can restrict the connection between the charger and the mobile phone, causing slow charging problems. Try not to use sharp objects to clean the port, as they may damage the charging port.

6. Battery optimization settings:

Battery optimization settings can affect charging speed and overall performance. To prioritize faster charging over battery conservation, turn off or adjust the battery optimization settings. Access the battery optimization settings within the settings menu and adjust it to your preference.

7. Software Updates:

Software updates play an essential role in optimizing performance and fixing errors or problems. Make sure your smartphone has the updated version of MIUI and Android to benefit from regular performance improvements and fixes that could help fix battery drain issues. Check your software update settings and download them periodically.

8. Temperature regulation:

Extreme temperatures can affect the basic overall performance and charging rate of the battery. Avoid exposing the device to excessive temperatures or hours of direct sunlight while charging, as this can degrade the health of the battery and slow down the charging process. If the phone feels excessively hot during the charging procedure, disconnect it from the charger and allow it to cool before resuming charging.


By following the above tips, you will be able to efficiently resolve slow charging issues and ensure fast charging on your Redmi K60. Seek help from Xiaomi customer service for expert analysis.

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