Xiaomi 12T slow charging? A complete guide!

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide simple guidelines to fix slow charging issues on your Xiaomi 12T and deliver a faster charging device.

Simple tips to solve slow charging problems on your Xiaomi 12T

1. Problems with the charger and cable:

The charger and USB cable are a crucial part of the overall charging performance. Be sure to use the charger and cable made by Xiaomi or authorized accessories suitable for your smartphone.

2. Processes in Background:

Background apps running unnecessarily can drain your battery quickly and cause a slow charging process. These apps may also include social media, email sync, or location offers that constantly fetch data in the background. You want to check and close unused background apps frequently. Restricting or limiting those apps can significantly conserve battery life and solve this problem. This can be done by going to settings or using specialized battery saving apps.

3. Device temperature:

When the phone overheats, it could slow down the overall performance to prevent damage to your smartphone, leading to slow charging issues. Check the temperature of your phone and take measures to avoid it, including prolonged use in direct light hours and using the mobile phone in a well-ventilated area.

4. Battery status:

Over time, lithium-ion batteries degrade, reducing their capacity and lifespan. A degraded battery may have a slower charging rate despite normal usage styles.

5. Software Updates:

Firmware errors or software conflicts can cause these types of problems. These problems can also arise from old software programs, incompatible packages, or corrupted system documents. Make sure your phone’s operating device and settings apps are up to date. Manufacturers periodically release software program application updates to address general performance issues. Checking for updates periodically and installing them can resolve system defects associated with software programs.

6. Check that the charging port and cable are not damaged:

Inspect the device’s charging port for debris or damage that may restrict proper charging. Similarly, take a look at the charging cable for signs of damage, including frayed cables or bent connectors.

7. Restart your device:

Sometimes a soft reset can resolve issues associated with software applications that could affect overall charging performance. Restart the phone and see if the charging speeds improve after the restart.

8. Enable airplane mode:

Turning on Airplane mode disables Wi-Fi connectivity features, which decreases power consumption and likely speeds up charging. Try turning on Airplane mode before connecting your phone to the charger to improve the charging rate.

9. Use Battery Saver Mode:

Using the included battery saver mode can help increase the charging rate by limiting app and tasks running in the background, reducing typical overall performance, and optimizing settings. You can enable battery saver mode manually or set it to activate automatically when the battery reaches a selected percentage.

10. Factory Reset:

As a remaining alternative, perform a factory reset to restore the smartphone and fix persistent issues. Be sure to back up important data before starting this step, as this will erase all personal records and settings.


With these detailed tips referred to in the manual you will be able to solve the slow charging problems of your Xiaomi 12T and have an improved mobile phone.

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