Xiaomi 13T Pro battery drain problems? A troubleshooting guide!

This article aims to address battery drain issues on your Xiaomi 13T Pro and their causes, offer troubleshooting steps to fix them, and have an optimized battery on your phone.

Steps to fix battery drain issues on your Xiaomi 13T Pro

1. Firmware and software updates:

Device firmware and software updates are essential for optimization. Xiaomi frequently releases updates to improve overall basic performance and fix bugs within the system. You need to install updates periodically on your device to fix this issue.

2. Applications and background processes:

Apps running in the background consume a lot of battery without you knowing it. You need to frequently view your phone’s battery usage information to notice any apps that drain the battery percentage. Limiting or uninstalling such apps can often fix this problem.

3. Screen brightness and display settings:

The Xiaomi smartphone features a vibrant display, but it can contribute to battery drain. High brightness generally results in faster battery consumption. If you are having battery problems, be sure to adjust the brightness until it is suitable for normal use but without straining the battery too much. Additionally, changing the display settings for features such as adaptive brightness and screen timeout can be helpful in limiting any excess consumption.

4. Network settings:

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data, if left on unnecessarily, can drain the battery quickly. You should ensure that these features are disabled when not in use. Additionally, low signals can put pressure on your Xiaomi device to maintain the connection, leading to prolonged battery consumption. If you are experiencing battery drain issues, adjust your connectivity settings and change them according to your usage styles.

5. Restrict Background Sync:

Background synchronization of applications and services is essential. However, if left unchecked, it can contribute to battery drain. You need to check the app sync settings and modify them. Restricting unused activities can help increase battery life without compromising its functionality.

6. Battery status and calibration:

Over time, the battery health of your Xiaomi device could also degrade, leading to reduced overall performance and faster battery drain. You should periodically check the battery status with built-in diagnostic functions or different applications. If extensive degradation is detected, it may be worth upgrading or replacing the battery. Battery calibration, which includes completely draining the battery after charging it to 100 percent, can also help optimize overall performance.

7. Factory reset your device:

If all else fails, a factory reset could be the last alternative to fix battery drain issues yourself. This step will erase all your data and settings, so before performing this step you will need to backup your data. After the reboot, see if the problems persist.


If you are facing these types of issues, then you need to follow the above troubleshooting steps to resolve the battery drain issue on your Xiaomi 13T Pro. If the issues persist, please contact Xiaomi Service Center for professional help.

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