Bit C51 slow charging? Follow these effective ways!

In this manual, we will address the reasons for slow charging issues on your Poco C51 and offer effective ways to resolve them.

How to fix slow charging issues on your Poco C51?

1. Check the charging cable and adapter:

The first step in troubleshooting charging issues is to examine the charging cable and adapter. Use the appropriate charging cable and adapter that comes with your Poco device. The use of charging accessories can substantially affect the charging rate.

2. Restart your device:

Sometimes a simple restart can resolve issues associated with the software that could affect the charging process. Restart the mobile phone and see if the speed improves after restart.

3. Use the appropriate charging source:

Make sure you use a wall outlet and an adapter that allows fast charging on your Poco phone. Using a PC USB port, extension cords, or power banks may also result in a slower charging rate.

4. Applications and background processes:

Unnecessarily running apps and processes in the background can contribute to slow loading issues. These apps consume resources even when not in use, causing such annoyances. Check and close these applications frequently. Close useless applications and ensure that useful, resource-intensive activities are minimized at some point during the duration of the load. This allows the phone to charge at a faster speed without interruptions.

5. Check for overheating:

Excessive heat can slow down the overall charging process. Monitor the temperature while the device charges, and if it gets hot, unplug it for a few minutes. Charging in a cooler environment and avoiding charging during the day can help with charging speeds.

6. Update system software:

Software device crashes or bugs within the phone or apps can cause such problems. Additionally, these issues can be caused by incomplete updates, compatibility issues, or corrupted files. Make sure your Poco device is running on the updated software program model. Manufacturers frequently release updates to fix general performance issues, including slow charging issues. Check and install updates periodically to keep your device optimized.

7. Enable airplane mode:

Turning on Airplane mode disables Wi-Fi connections, which reduces power consumption and probably speeds up the charging procedure and fixes these issues.

8. Checking the battery status:

Over time, battery capacity decreases. Additionally, physical damage or overheating can degrade the health of the battery and lead to such problems. Check the battery health within settings or use apps to assess the overall health of your battery.

9. Background Sync and Notifications:

Background syncing of apps and notifications can slow down the charging process. Temporarily disable syncing and useless notifications to fix the problem.

10. Factory Reset:

If the slow charging issues persist even after trying the ways mentioned above, perform a factory reset. This step restores the smartphone to its default settings, resolving issues with apps and configuration settings. Be sure to back up your data before proceeding with this step.


With the ways given in this manual, you can solve slow charging issues on your Poco C51 effectively. Please contact Poco Service Center or an Authorized Service Center if issues persist as they may offer additional troubleshooting steps.

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