Hasselblad set to unveil 907X 100-megapixel X-Mount back

Hasselblad 907X 100 megapixel X-Mount rear

Photography enthusiasts and professionals alike are eager as Hasselblad prepares to announce its latest innovation, the 907X 100-megapixel X-mount back. According to insiders, the reveal is scheduled for January 24, marking a significant upgrade by compared to its predecessor, the Hasselblad 907X 50MP.

The star of the show is the incorporation of the famous Sony 100MP sensor, previously featured in the Hasselblad X2D. This medium format back is expected to deliver exceptional image quality, featuring a 44×33 back-illuminated CMOS with a native ISO as low as 64. The camera promises 16-bit color depth and dynamic range an impressive 15 steps, ensuring smooth, natural transitions in every shot.

While details regarding pricing and specific configurations remain elusive, insiders have confirmed that the 907X 100MP will exceed the cost of its predecessor, the 907X 50C, which is currently priced at $6,399. This price gap suggests that the upcoming model is poised to offer photographers an improved imaging experience, accompanied by cutting-edge technology and higher resolution.

Photographers looking for top-level performance and a substantial increase in megapixel count will likely find the 100-megapixel X-mount Hasselblad 907X an enticing prospect. As the January 24 unveiling approaches, the photography community is eagerly awaiting further details that will undoubtedly shape industry expectations for this highly anticipated release.

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