Honor Magic6 Series Ultimate Durability Tests: Will It Survive?

Honor Magic6 Series Ultimate Durability Tests

Honor, the famous mobile phone manufacturer, has officially announced the inclusion of a revolutionary material, Honor’s giant rhino glass, in its upcoming Magic6 series. This announcement covers the entire Magic6 range, including the standard version, the Pro version and the RSR Porsche version. The company boldly claims that this new glass material pushes the boundaries by improving anti-impact and drop resistance capabilities.

JiGuo Creative Lab, known for its innovative approach to product testing, recently released a video on Weibo showcasing the ultimate durability testing of the Honor Magic6 series. The video aims to push the limits and evaluate the performance of the series’ lenses in extreme environments.

Honor Magic6 Series Ultimate Durability Tests

The JiGuo Creative Lab team conducted a hands-on test of the Honor Magic6 series against another flagship device in three intense laps on “Diamond” pavement. Tests included a simulated “crash,” direct collisions, and even an intensive blade attack. The goal was to evaluate the performance of the phones, focusing specifically on their ability to withstand shock and damage.

In various scenarios, JiGuo Creative Lab put the Magic6 series through rigorous testing, dropping them from a height of more than 5 feet, breaking glass with computers, and dropping sharp knives on the screen from a height greater than 7.5 feet. Impressively, the Magic6 series emerged unscathed from all of these tests, demonstrating the resilience and durability promised by the new rhino glass.

The integration of Honor’s giant rhino glass into the Magic6 series represents a significant leap forward in the durability of the flagship phone. Comprehensive testing conducted by JiGuo Creative Lab highlights the robustness of the new glass material, suggesting that the next version of Honor could set a new standard for drop and impact resistance in 2024. As consumers increasingly value In addition to importance to sustainability, Honor’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries with the Magic6 series is poised to make a lasting impact on the competitive smartphone market.

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