How to fix ghost touch on IPHONE 15

If you have ghost touch problems on your IPHONE 15, in this article we will explain 10 ways to solve this screen problem. How to remove ghost effect on IPHONE 15?

Ghost touch is when your IPHONE 15 screen starts working on its own. Although touch screens have completely changed the way we use phones, they come with drawbacks.

Before we delve into the solutions to fix ghost touch issue on IPHONE 15, let’s first understand what it is and which devices have experienced the same.

What are ghost touches on IPHONE 15?

As the name suggests, ghost touch occurs when the screen appears to react to non-existent touches and the app starts working without you doing anything. Ghost touches are annoying and may require your IPHONE 15 to be repaired by Apple. However, before trying some quick fixes, you must first understand what causes ghost touch on IPHONE 15s.

Causes of ghost touch on IPHONE 15

Replacing the touch screen during repair

Generally, if touch screens have been changed or removed during repairs, you may experience problems with screen sensitivity and ghost touch.

Manufacturing defects

Ghost touch may occasionally result from a manufacturing error. Back office and supply chain implications, industrial automation, data analytics and other areas of manufacturing/logistics departments may be responsible for these failures. Programming errors can even sabotage the entire software processing. Therefore, the program installation that went wrong could be the culprit.

Hardware problems

Ghost touch can also be caused by a hardware issue. To check for hardware issues on your IPHONE 15, launch Settings → select Privacy & Security (iOS 16) or Privacy (iOS 15 or earlier) → Analytics & Improvements → Analytics Data. There could be a list of error logs there.

Software problems

A software glitch, such as the iOS 16 update, is a common cause of ghost touch. If there is a failure in the update, it can influence how sensitive the screen is, and you could get an extremely annoying ghost touch.

How to fix ghost touches on IPHONE 15?

Here are 10 easy solutions that will help you stop ghost touch on your IPHONE 15. Let’s get started.

1. Check the accessibility settings of your IPHONE 15

Accessibility settings can impact the touch on your IPHONE 15. You may have unintentionally activated Touch Ease, Assisted Touch, Touch Back, or even a feature that recognizes touches on the back of your phone. To adjust these settings:

– Open Settings → Accessibility → Touch.
– Now, disable/enable these four options as per your liking: Assisted Touch, Touch Ease, Touch Back or Haptic Touch.

2. Restart your IPHONE 15

You can always try restarting your smartphone if you are having problems with IPHONE 15 screen crashing. As restarting always refreshes your devices, it also fixes any ghost screen issues that may have been caused by apps.

3. Stop using third-party accessories

Some third-party charging cables, headphone jack adapters, battery charging cases, and other accessories may cause strange screen movement.

If you only experience phantom touch while a physical peripheral is connected, the accessory is most likely to blame. Therefore, it is recommended to use Apple-certified accessories and check if the problem is resolved.

4. Clean your screen

You may think it’s just a silly move, but you have no idea how effective this can be. To start cleaning your IPHONE 15 screen, make sure all external peripherals are unplugged. Now, clean the screen with a soft cloth. Lint-free cloths and screen cleaning sprays are preferable.

5. Update to the latest version of iOS

Your IPHONE 15 may have compatibility issues if it uses an older version of iOS. Your current iOS may have some bugs that may lead to ghost touch issues on your IPHONE 15. To rectify the IPHONE 15 crash screen, you can update iOS to the latest version.

6. Update applications in the App Store

IPHONE 15 ghost touch issue can be caused by outdated apps. It would be best if you updated outdated applications in the Apple Store to correct them. You may have some apps waiting for updates if automatic updates are not turned on. Read the following article for detailed information on how to update an app on IPHONE 15.

7. Remove or replace the screen protector on your IPHONE 15

Screen protectors are very thin sheets of glass or plastic used to protect the IPHONE 15 screen from damage. Although they are usually advantageous, they can sometimes interfere with the functionality of your touch screen. Be careful not to scratch your IPHONE 15 screen when removing the screen protector from your phone.

8. Reset IPHONE 15 Settings

If you think that the ghost touch issue is due to the settings you have recently customized, you can always return to the default settings of your IPHONE 15. To restore the default settings, you must follow the following steps:

– Start settings → General.
– Go to Transfer or Reset IPHONE 15 → Reset → Reset all settings.

9. Do a factory reset

This is the last resort if your IPHONE 15 keeps having ghost touch errors. You can try to factory reset your IPHONE 15 to fix the ghost screen issue. I advise you to make a backup of your IPHONE 15 before continuing because this step will erase the data on the device.

10. Contact Apple Support

Well, if none of the measures mentioned above work for you, there is always Apple technical support. You may be able to change the screen for free, depending on your IPHONE 15 model and warranty. For help, you can contact Apple Support directly or go to a nearby Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service Provider.

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