iPad Pro 2024 gears up for launch with revolutionary OLED displays

iPad Pro 2024 gears up for launch

In a recent report from The Elec, it was revealed that Apple’s highly anticipated next-generation iPad Pro, featuring an OLED display, has entered production. LG Display and Samsung are at the forefront of this technological advancement, preparing to produce thin-film transistors (TFTs) essential to controlling OLED pixels on the 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro displays.

According to the report, LG Display has started production of TFTs for the 13-inch iPad Pro display, while Samsung is expected to start production of the 11-inch variant. This development is on schedule, with mass production expected in March and an official launch planned for April.

The iPad Pro 2024 marks a milestone for Apple, as it will be the first iPad to feature OLED display technology. OLEDs, previously used in iPhones and Apple Watches, offer deeper blacks and more vibrant colors compared to traditional LEDs or mini-LEDs. The introduction of tandem-stacked OLED technology in the iPad Pro 2024, featuring two emissive layers, is expected to improve screen brightness and extend panel life.

A notable advantage of the OLED panel is its ability to turn off individual pixels, creating a pitch-black effect in the smallest areas. This precise control at the pixel level is a capability impossible to achieve with mini-LEDs.

Industry insiders suggest the 2024 iPad Pro will likely be revealed at an event in March, possibly alongside a new iPad Air, available in two sizes for the first time. Traditionally, Apple opens pre-orders for new products at launch or shortly after, with deliveries beginning the following week.

Beyond the revolutionary display technology, the next iPad Pro is expected to feature Apple’s latest M3 chip. Introduced on recent MacBook Pro models, the M3 chip uses an industry-leading 3nm process, delivering a significant improvement in graphics performance over the current M2 chip.

In summary, Apple enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the April launch of the next-generation iPad Pro, featuring the revolutionary OLED display, tandem-stacked OLED technology, and powerful M3 chip for performance and improved graphics capabilities.

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