iPad Pro 2024 LTPO OLED offers a range of unexpected benefits

Highlight of the iPad Pro 2024 LTPO OLED

In a highly anticipated move, Apple is preparing to launch the iPad Pro 2024, equipped with the much-anticipated M3 chip. Renowned industry expert Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), recently disclosed key information about the upcoming iPad Pro series, highlighting the revolutionary technologies that will debut in this iteration.

The particularity of the iPad Pro 2024 lies in its integration of OLED technology, a first in the series. Young highlighted that the iPad Pro powered by the M3 SoC will feature several pioneering technologies, including the implementation of LTPO rear panels. This matches Apple’s recent adoption of similar technology in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Of particular note is the introduction of tandem stacking technology in the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2024 models. According to Young, this innovation promises to quadruple the durability of OLED panels while improving overall brightness. Tablets are poised to set a new standard, becoming the first on the market to take advantage of this advanced stacking technique.

An interesting facet of this development is the reported obstacles to negotiations between Apple and Samsung during deal negotiations. Despite early setbacks, it appears the two tech giants have found common ground, allowing the South Korean manufacturer to deliver high-quality displays for the 2024 iPad Pro.

Young further explained OLED panels, describing them as the “brightest and longest lasting” in tablet history. The incorporation of LTPO and tandem stacking technology not only improves durability and brightness, but also contributes to the devices’ status as the “lightest and thinnest” tablets available.

The transition from mini-LEDs to OLEDs in the iPad Pro 2024 not only means a technological leap, but also has implications for the physical dimensions of the device. With OLED displays enabling thinner screens, Young predicts that the new iPad Pro will stand out as the epitome of light and thin tablets.

However, like any technological advance, these innovations come at a cost. The move to advanced OLED displays could result in a higher price for consumers. While the finer details of the pricing strategy remain confidential, users can expect the 2024 iPad Pro to offer an unparalleled blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design, setting a new standard in the iPad market. tablets.

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