IPHONE 15 PRO MAX can’t Delete Apps (How to Fix It)

Uninstalling applications on your IPHONE 15 PRO MAX is usually quite simple. However, sometimes, you may run into some unexpected problems, and it can be incredibly frustrating. To help you, we have some verified solutions that you can try. So, if you can’t delete apps on IPHONE 15 PRO MAX, here’s how to fix it.

Why can’t I delete apps on my IPHONE 15 PRO MAX?

Non-removable applications– You can remove almost all third-party apps and several built-in Apple apps. However, you cannot delete the main system apps such as Phone, Messages, Settings, Photos, Camera, Safari, App Store, Clock, Find My, Health and Wallet.
If you really want to destroy yourself from any of them, you can hide them from view.

Screen time restrictions – Have your parents put a screen time block on apps, or have you done it yourself by mistake?

Mobile device management (MDM) restrictions – If the IPHONE 15 PRO MAX was given to you by your company, school or other organization of this type, it may have a particular profile that prevents the uninstallation of certain applications. Please contact the appropriate administrator for assistance.
If this is the case, you cannot delete the apps unless you have administrator rights. So, hide and make peace with it.

Incomplete download – The app download has frozen due to some error, and now it is neither on nor off your IPHONE 15 PRO MAX

Can’t uninstall apps on IPHONE 15 PRO MAX? Try these fixes!

1. Disable restrictions on the IPHONE 15 PRO MAX

– Open the Settings app and tap on Screen Time.
– Click on Content and privacy restrictions.
Note: Here, if you see, Turn on Screen Time, it means this feature is not activated. Skip the steps below and move on to the next solution.
– Tap iTunes and App Store Purchases. Enter the Screen Time passcode when prompted.
– Tap on Delete apps and choose Allow.

Now, go back to the IPHONE 15 PRO MAX home screen and try to delete the app. Now there shouldn’t be any problem.

2. Delete waiting apps from IPHONE 15 PRO MAX

Waiting apps, also known as stuck apps with the text “Waiting…” below the grayed out app icon. To fix this, i.e. let the app download, make sure your IPHONE 15 PRO MAX has enough free space and is connected to a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data network.

Once the installation is complete, you can delete the app normally. To finish this pending installation of the app and remove it, long press the app icon and choose Cancel Download in the pop-up window.

If you don’t see this option, press and hold the app icon until jiggle mode activates.

– In iOS 16 or 14, tap the waiting app’s minus sign icon (if you see it) and then Delete App → Delete.
– In iOS 13, tap the app’s cross icon, then tap Delete.

3. Restart your IPHONE 15 PRO MAX

This is an almost sure solution to solve this problem successfully. When you can’t delete the apps, go ahead and restart IPHONE 15 PRO MAX.

You can use the buttons (as usual) or open the Settings app → General → Power off to turn off the device.

After a minute, turn on the IPHONE 15 PRO MAX and try deleting the app. You should have no problems performing this action.

4. Reset all settings

Well, we are at the last resort; If nothing helps, reset all settings from the Settings app → General → Reset → Reset all settings. Once the process is complete, try uninstalling the app.

However, this trick will also erase all your saved Wi-Fi networks, preferences, and password. So take note of that before proceeding.

Good luck to you, friend, good luck to you. I hope these tricks can help you remove apps from your IPHONE 15 PRO MAX. If not, feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

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