Little C51 delayed? A complete guide!

In this comprehensive guide, we will offer you different ways to resolve lagging issues on your Poco C51 and have overall high performance on your phone.

Easy Ways to Solve Lagging Issues on Your Poco C51

1. Software Updates:

Software system crashes or bugs within the device or apps can cause lagging issues. Additionally, these issues can also arise due to incomplete updates, compatibility issues, or corrupted files. Make sure your Poco device is running on the updated software model. Manufacturers release updates frequently to fix general performance issues and bugs. Check and configure updates periodically to keep your phone optimized.

2. Background Apps:

Background apps running unnecessarily can greatly contribute to lagging issues. These apps consume phone sources even when not in use, causing usability issues and lags. Check and close those applications frequently. You can do this by going to the most recent apps menu and deleting apps that you are no longer actively using. Alternatively, use built-in or third-party monitoring apps to check these apps efficiently.

3. Optimize system settings:

Adjust settings to optimize overall performance and reduce lag. Disable animations and transition effects as they can put a strain on the CPU and GPU. Additionally, disable or reduce the frequency of notifications to reduce interruptions and increase responsiveness.

4. Storage capacity:

Low internal space can affect the overall performance of your device. Insufficient space can limit the ability to cache data and quickly store application files, causing slowdowns and lags when accessing or wandering through applications. Delete unused apps from your device to clean up storage and reduce overall workload. Unused applications can also consume resources, causing this type of annoyance.

5. Resource-intensive applications:

Certain apps or games can put a lot of strain on the CPU, GPU, and RAM. Running these apps simultaneously or for long intervals can be the cause of lagging issues on your device.

6. Clear cached data:

Clearing the cache can help resolve performance issues. Navigate to the settings menu and find Application Manager. From there, you can clear the cache of individual apps or all apps simultaneously.

7. Monitor resource usage:

Monitor your Poco phone usage and look for any apps or processes that are excessively consuming CPU, GPU, or RAM. Use apps to understand real-time usage and uncover potential performance issues.

8. Insufficient RAM:

Random access memory (RAM) plays a crucial role in the performance of a phone. If your Poco device has inadequate RAM, it may not be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, causing lags and slowdowns.

9. Perform a factory reset:

If lagging issues persist even after trying these methods, perform a factory reset. This step restores the phone to its default settings, resolving issues with any apps and settings settings. Be sure to back up your data before proceeding with this step.


By using the ways given in this guide, you can fix your Poco C51 lagging issues and have a fast and responsive phone.

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