One UI 6.1 tests “Reborn” animation for video demos

User interface 6.1 testing video

In a highly anticipated event, Samsung will unveil its latest flagship lineup, the Galaxy S24 series, at the Galaxy Unpacked Event 2024. This powerhouse trio includes the small-screen flagship Galaxy S24, the full-size flagship Galaxy S24 Plus and the Galaxy S24. Ultra camera flagship. Beyond the impressive hardware upgrades, the focus is on software with the introduction of One UI 6.1, promising a significant leap in user experience.

One UI 6.1 stands out with a complete overhaul, leveraging advanced AI features and improving the overall fluidity of the user interface. Renowned tech insider Ice Universe recently shared a video previewing the new animations in One UI 6.1, offering a glimpse of the notable improvements.

One UI 6.1 Animation Test Video

Animation Frame Rate Excellence: Ice Universe notes a remarkable improvement in animation frame rate compared to its predecessor, One UI 6.0. The increased frame rate promises a smoother and more delicate visual experience, increasing the overall responsiveness of the interface.

Removed Background Blur: A notable change in One UI 6.1 is the removal of the background blur effect. This decision would be motivated by Samsung’s desire to reduce energy consumption. By streamlining visual effects, the company aims to optimize device performance while maintaining an immersive user experience.

Improved Background Scaling Animation: The background scaling animation is getting a significant improvement in One UI 6.1. The scaling becomes non-linear, resulting in a vivid and dynamic appearance. The wallpaper scales significantly, surpassing the scaling capabilities of iOS and contributing to visually stunning animation.

Elastic Animation for Icons: Ice Universe highlights a more apparent elastic animation when icons are collapsed to their original position. This detail adds a layer of realism to the user interface, creating a tactile and engaging interaction with the device.

Seamless opening and closing of apps: One UI 6.1 ensures a seamless and stable experience when continuously opening and closing apps. Ice Universe emphasizes the absence of problems, highlighting the robustness and fluidity of the new interface.

The verdict: One UI 6.1 – Reborn: In one word, Ice Universe describes the One UI 6.1 animation as “Reborn”. This sentiment captures the essence of the substantial transformation from One UI 6.0 to 6.1, promising users a rejuvenated and immersive digital experience.

As Samsung prepares to roll out One UI 6.1 not only for the latest Galaxy S24 series, but also for older Galaxy phones, users can expect a significant leap forward in design and performance. ‘user interface. The Galaxy S24 series, coupled with the revolutionary One UI 6.1, is poised to redefine the standards for flagship smartphones in 2024.

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