Poco C51 Wi-Fi problems? A troubleshooting guide!

This guide offers specific troubleshooting approaches to fix Wi-Fi issues on your Poco C51 so you can have a solid connection.

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Issues on Your Poco C51

1. Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength:

One of the common Wi-Fi problems is a weak or unstable signal. Check the Wi-Fi signal of your Poco device by navigating to Wi-Fi settings. If the signal is weak, switch to the direction of the router to improve connectivity. Also, make sure there are no obstacles blocking the signal.

2. Restart the Wi-Fi router:

Sometimes the problem may be with the Wi-Fi router and not the device. Restart the router to refresh the connection and fix any device defects. Turn off the router and wait a few seconds, then turn it on. After the router reboots, try connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi network again.

3. Forget and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network:

If your phone is having trouble connecting to a particular Wi-Fi network, “forget” about that specific network and reconnect. Navigate to Wi-Fi settings, find the Wi-Fi network that is causing the problem, and choose “Forget.” Then connect again by typing the Wi-Fi password. This can help resolve authentication or connection issues from time to time.

4. Update Wi-Fi Router Firmware:

Outdated Wi-Fi router firmware can cause compatibility issues when connecting the device. Check the manufacturer’s Internet website for the updated version of your router and update the firmware if necessary. Additionally, an updated firmware version may include updates for greater compatibility and the best standard performance.

5. Toggle airplane mode:

Switch your smartphone to Airplane mode as it will disable all Wi-Fi connections. After a few seconds, turn off Airplane mode to allow Wi-Fi again. This brief reset can help fix minor connectivity issues and establish a solid connection.

6. Check Wi-Fi settings:

Make sure your Wi-Fi settings are configured effectively. Check for misconfigured settings, including incorrect passwords or IP settings. Adjust the settings to your preferences and try connecting to Wi-Fi again.

7. Network frequency band:

Some routers allow 2 frequencies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). The Poco device supports both frequencies, but connectivity issues can also arise when trying to connect to an incompatible frequency. In Wi-Fi settings, manually choose the frequency band your router allows.

8. Disable battery optimization:

On some devices, battery optimization settings may affect Wi-Fi connectivity. Navigate to settings, go to “Battery and performance” and disable any battery optimization capabilities focused primarily on Wi-Fi. This ensures that Wi-Fi connectivity remains strong, especially during periods of inactivity.

9. Safe Mode:

Start your device in safe mode to decide if a third-party app is causing Wi-Fi issues. In Safe Mode, only preset system apps run, letting you know whether a downloaded app is causing this annoyance or not.

10. Factory Reset:

If all else fails, doing a factory reset on your smartphone can resolve these issues. Before trying this, make sure to backup vital data as this step will erase all your data. This step can resolve software application crashes and restore Wi-Fi issues.


By implementing these troubleshooting approaches, you will be able to resolve Wi-Fi issues on your Poco C51 and have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

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