Poco C55 not turning on? A simple guide!

In this manual, we will offer some methods to resolve Poco C55 not turning on issues so that you can have a working phone again.

How to solve not turning on issues on your Poco C55?

1. Check the battery level:

The first step to solve this difficulty is to check that the battery has sufficient level. Connect your Poco phone to an authorized working charger using the appropriate USB cable for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If battery drain is causing this annoyance, this step will fix the problem.

2. Perform a force restart:

Sometimes the mobile phone may not respond due to a minor problem in the software program. Perform a force restart by pressing the power button for at least 10 to 15 seconds. This step can force the mobile phone to restart and may resolve issues that are preventing it from turning on.

3. Check for physical damage:

Inspect your phone for signs of body damage, including a cracked screen and indicators of water damage caused by exposure to moisture or any visible effects. Physical damage can affect the internal additives and prevent the smartphone from turning on.

4. Remove the SIM card:

Sometimes a hardware failure can also cause the device to stop responding, including SIM and SD cards, try removing them and putting them back in later. Try turning on the device as soon as you have removed these cards and see if the problem persists.

5. Inspect the charger and cable:

Inspect both the charger and USB cable for any visible damage. If there are frayed wires, bent pins, or any other issues, they can disrupt the flow of power and stop the proper charging method. Try using an alternative charger and cable to rule out charging equipment functionality issues.

6. Remove water or humidity:

If your phone is exposed to moisture or water, it will not turn on due to the presence of water. You can try drying the mobile phone, which usually solves the problem. You must remove all detachable factors from the mobile phone. Store your smartphone items in a sealed rice packet. This step will remove water from the device and activate your Poco device.

7. Battery replacement:

Over time, smartphone batteries can degrade, leading to such problems. If your Poco device is still within the warranty period, please contact Poco customer service for an alternative battery or seek help from professionals to upgrade the battery.

8. Seek professional assistance:

If your Poco phone still refuses to turn on even after trying the above answers, it is vital to seek professional help. Contact Poco customer care or visit an authorized service center to have your phone inspected and repaired under the guidance of expert technicians.


It can be very annoying when your phone refuses to turn on, but with these simple and detailed methods you can resolve No Power On issues on your Poco C55.

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