Poco F5 Pro not turning on? Simple solutions!

Encountering a situation where your smartphone refuses to turn on can be frustrating for you. In this manual, we will discover the causes why the Poco F5 Pro does not turn on and provide solutions to solve this problem.

Easy Ways to Solve Poco F5 Pro Not Turning On Issues

1. Check the battery level:

The easy and often overlooked cause of a phone not turning on is a dead battery. Connect the Poco mobile phone to a working charger and charging cable and let it charge for at least half an hour. If the problem is battery drain, it will probably turn on after this step.

2. Inspect charging accessories:

Defective charging cables or adapters can prevent your device from charging and cause such problems. You should check the charging cable and adapter for any visible damage. Also, try to use the original charging cable and adapter to avoid charging related issues.

3. Perform forced restart:

Performing a force restart can help resolve system defects related to software applications that are likely preventing the phone from turning on. To do this, press the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds. This will fix any issues with the software program and turn on your device.

4. Inspect for physical damage:

Check the Poco device for any physical damage, including a broken screen or damage to internal components. Physical damage may affect the power-on ability of your Poco device. If there is any damage, expert restoration may be necessary.

5. Try another power source:

Make sure the wall outlet or USB port is working properly. Try connecting the smartphone to a few different power sources to see if the problem is with the power outlet and fix it.

6. Inspect for hardware problems:

If your Poco device still does not turn on after trying the steps above, there may be underlying hardware issues. You should contact Poco support or visit an authorized service center for intensive inspection and professional help.

7. Battery Replacement:

Over time, your phone’s batteries can degrade and cause no power on issues. If your Poco mobile phone does not turn on after following various troubleshooting steps, do not forget to get the battery replaced with the help of an expert technician.

8. Seek help from professionals:

If your Poco mobile phone is still unresponsive even after following the troubleshooting steps, it is time to get the problem fixed professionally. Please contact Poco customer service or visit an authorized service center for professional assistance to resolve any hardware malfunction in your phone.

9. Removing SIM card and SD card:

Sometimes issues with peripherals like SIM or SD cards can interfere with the smartphone boot process. Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card and SD card (if applicable), and then try turning it on without them. If the Poco device turns on without any issues, the issue may be associated with one of the removed peripherals.


By systematically troubleshooting and applying the answers above, you can fix not turning on issues on your Poco F5 Pro. If the issues persist, contact Poco Support for help or seek expert assistance.

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