Poco F5 Pro touchscreen not responding? A simple guide!

In this comprehensive manual, we will address the root causes of unresponsive touchscreen issues on Poco F5 Pro and offer easy tips to fix them and optimize the overall performance of the touchscreen.

Simple Tips to Fix Unresponsive Touchscreen on your Poco F5 Pro

1. Check for physical damage:

Before diving into software-related troubleshooting, it is essential to investigate the physical condition of the device. Make sure that the Poco phone’s touch screen is not physically damaged, cracked or scratched. Physical damage can affect the responsiveness of the touch screen. If physical damage is visible, professional restoration or an alternative may be essential.

2. Clean the touch screen:

Sometimes the screen can also prevent your device from responding due to dust buildup or issues with the case or screen protector. Dirt, oil, or particles on the touch screen can cause this problem. You should clean the screen with a microfiber material or a screen cleaning gel. Make sure the device is turned off during the cleaning process to prevent accidental movement on the screen. Gently wipe the screen to remove any stains or residue. Avoid using abrasive substances that may scratch the screen.

3. Check the screen saver:

If you use a screen protector on your Poco device, you need to ensure that it is appropriate for your mobile phone. Screen protectors are not made specifically for your device and may affect its touch sensitivity, ultimately leading to reduced responsiveness or exceptional touch-related issues.

4. Avoid water and humidity:

Touch screens can also stop working and become unresponsive if your phone has been exposed to water. Exposure to water or humidity can cause problems with internal additives and make your Poco mobile phone unresponsive.

5. Removing SIM card and SD card:

Sometimes issues with external peripherals like SIM or SD cards can interfere with the phone’s responsiveness. Turn off the phone, remove the SIM card and SD card (if applicable), and then try using the device without them. If your Poco device responds without problems, the difficulty may be associated with one of the removed peripherals.

6. Perform a Force Restart:

A forced restart can often resolve brief software system crashes that affect the responsiveness of the touch screen. Reboot the Poco device to clean transient files and refresh the system. After rebooting, check if the touch screen responds correctly.

7. Professional Assistance:

If your smartphone’s touch screen refuses to respond even after following the steps above, it is probably necessary to seek professional help. You can contact Poco customer service for help or go to an authorized service center for expert evaluation and application functionality evaluations of software or hardware programs.

8. Hardware inspection:

If touch screen issues persist despite troubleshooting software-related issues, it may be essential to take a look at the phone’s hardware. Faulty touch screen hardware additives or connections may also require professional diagnosis or an alternative. You can contact the manufacturer for help or go to an authorized technician for this.


By systematically applying these tips, you can fix unresponsive touchscreen issues and deliver faster and more responsive overall performance on your Poco F5 Pro.

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