Poco X5 Pro battery drain issues? A troubleshooting guide!

In this guide, we will address your Poco X5 Pro battery drain issues and offer easy steps to fix these issues so that you have an optimized and reliable mobile phone.

Steps to fix battery drain issues on your Poco X5 Pro

1. Background Apps:

These apps consume phone resources even if they are not in use, leading to higher battery utilization. Check and close these applications frequently. You can do this by gaining access to the most recent apps menu and deleting apps that you are not actively using.

2. Connectivity features:

Using Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to continually search for connections can be one of the causes of these problems. If those capabilities are enabled unnecessarily, they can noticeably impact battery life. Disable connectivity features such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi while they are no longer in use. Disable automatic syncing for apps that continually consume data in the background, as they could drain your battery.

3. Software errors:

Software device failures or errors within the device or applications can lead to battery drain issues. These issues can also arise due to incomplete updates, compatibility issues, or corrupted documents. Make sure your Poco phone is running the latest device software. Manufacturers regularly release updates to fix common performance issues and bugs, including those related to battery consumption. Check and install updates periodically to keep your phone optimized.

4. Battery optimization settings:

Most smartphones offer built-in battery optimization settings that help with these issues. Explore your settings menu to enable capabilities like battery saver mode, which limits activities and adjusts typical performance to maximize battery life.

5. Battery status:

Over time, the functionality of the battery decreases. Physical damage or overheating can also degrade the health of the battery, causing such problems.

6. Screen brightness:

High screen brightness can be the cause of excessive battery consumption. Keeping the screen brightness at high levels can drain the battery quickly. Reducing the brightness can help extend battery life. Consider allowing adaptive brightness settings that modify the screen brightness based on ambient light conditions.

7. Monitor battery usage:

Identify apps or processes that would consume too much battery power. Navigate to battery settings menu > battery usage data. If you notice that any app consumes a lot of battery, don’t forget to uninstall it or restrict its usage.

8. Use power saving modes:

Turn on power saving modes on your device, which typically restrict apps and activities to conserve battery. These modes are beneficial while using your phone for periods of extended use.

9. Calibrate the battery:

Sometimes calibrating the battery can help solve these problems. This step can recalibrate the battery indicator and possibly increase battery life.

10. Replace the battery:

Contact Poco Customer Care or visit an Authorized Service Center if issues persist even after troubleshooting efforts to obtain an alternative for your battery.


By following these troubleshooting steps, you can successfully resolve battery drain issues on your Poco X5 Pro and use an optimized battery.

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