Problems with the GPS of the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G? A troubleshooting guide!

This guide offers you complete steps to resolve GPS problems on your Samsung Galaxy A73 5G and ensures the smooth functioning of your smartphone.

Steps to resolve Samsung Galaxy A73 5G GPS issues

1. Check location settings:

Make sure the location feature is enabled; Do this by going to settings and turning on the “location” option, and make sure this option is turned on at all times for accurate services. Also, check out modes like High Accuracy so you always receive accurate readings.

2. Restart the device:

Restarting your smartphone is the easiest step and can fix any temporary system crashes or crashes. Turn off the smartphone for a few seconds and then turn it on again. See if the problems persist after this step.

3. Software update:

Problems with GPS can be caused by outdated system software. Developers offer updates, check them periodically in the settings and configure them, if not already, to save your device from such problems.

4. Reset Location Settings:

If the GPS issue persists, reset your location settings. Navigate to the settings menu, choose “Security” or “Connections,” tap “Location,” and then select “Reset Settings.”

5. Check for application-specific issues:

Some issues associated with GPS may be application specific. Check if these problems occur only in a few applications. If a particular app is causing the problem, uninstall it and look for alternative apps.

6. Clear GPS data:

Sometimes clearing GPS statistics can resolve issues associated with stored location data. Navigate to the settings menu, then go to Manage Apps, select the specific app and clear its cache. related to events in the stored region. Navigate to the settings menu, go to Manage Apps, select the particular app and clear its cache.

7. Ensure GPS permissions:

Apps typically require permission to use features like GPS; Make sure you have allowed the apps. Go to settings and app management option and select apps to see if you have given them the necessary permissions.

8. Toggle airplane mode:

Turning airplane mode on and off can reset network settings along with GPS. This motion occasionally solves these problems and is very simple to initiate.

9. Check for interference:

Interference from other electronic devices may affect the reception of GPS signals. Make sure the device is away from any type of interference and has clear skies as GPS requires satellite signals.

10. Perform a factory reset:

A factory reset will be your option if other steps do not resolve this issue. Please backup your data before performing this step as it will delete all data and your phone will return to its default settings.

11. Contact Customer Support or Service Center:

If GPS problems persist despite trying the answers above, it could indicate a hardware problem. Contact Samsung customer service or visit an authorized service center. Professional technicians can diagnose and fix any underlying hardware issues affecting GPS performance.


Follow these steps to fix any issues associated with GPS on your Samsung Galaxy A73 5G. Even after implementing these steps, if the issues persist, seek help from Samsung customer service as they will provide you with professional troubleshooting steps.

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