Problems with the GPS of the Xiaomi 12 Lite? Try these easy steps!

In this manual, we will offer you effective steps to fix GPS problems on your Xiaomi 12 Lite so that you can have reliable and correct location records. Try these simple steps to fix these problems.

Steps to solve GPS problems on your Xiaomi 12 Lite

1. Location Settings:

Make sure location services are enabled and configured effectively. Review and regulate device settings. Also, be sure to turn on regional permissions for apps that require GPS capability. Be sure to select “High Accuracy” mode to improve GPS accuracy.

2. Weak GPS signal:

Obstacles, such as tall houses or barriers, can weaken the GPS signal and cause accuracy problems. For better GPS signal reception, use the GPS function in open regions away from tall houses or boundaries. This can increase the device’s ability to connect with GPS satellites.

3. Software update:

These GPS related problems can also arise due to software errors or system crashes. To restore this, make sure to regularly update your software application. Developers periodically release updates to fix these issues and improve typical performance. Go to settings and select the Software Update option to try and install them, if possible.

4. Restart the device:

A simple troubleshooting step can be to restart your phone. This method will resolve any temporary system failure. Just press the power button for 5 seconds and then click on the reset option to try this step. Check if the problems are fixed after the step.

5. Clear GPS Cache:

Go to Settings > Apps > [GPS App] > Storage; there, clear the cache. You can clear the cache by doing this step and it will resolve GPS issues as it will prevent data accumulation.

6. Update GPS Apps:

Be sure to update all apps that require your smartphone’s GPS; Older apps can cause compatibility issues with your phone’s GPS, which can lead to malfunctions.

7. Avoid High Power Saving Mode:

To avoid any kind of GPS restrictions, you need to turn off the power saving settings or customize the settings. Also, note limitations placed on location offerings that could compromise GPS accuracy.

8. Check for physical damage:

Inspect the device for physical damage that may affect the GPS hardware. If there are signs and symptoms of damage, be sure to seek help from the manufacturer or an authorized service center. Physical damage or problems with the smartphone’s GPS hardware can contribute to GPS problems.

9. Perform a factory reset:

If GPS issues persist after trying the above answers, perform a factory reset as a last option; However, be sure to back up your data as this step will erase all data on your device.


If you apply those efficient steps, you will be able to effortlessly solve the problems associated with GPS on your Xiaomi 12 Lite. If the problem persists, you should consider professional assistance, try contacting Xiaomi Service Center or go to an authorized service center.

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