Problems with Wi-Fi on the Redmi K70? A complete guide!

In this guide, we offer you steps to fix Wi-Fi issues on your Redmi K70 so that your device can have solid and perfect connectivity.

Simple steps to resolve Wi-Fi issues on your Redmi K70

1. Signal strength and range:

Weak Wi-Fi signals or range can cause connectivity issues. Make sure that the Redmi mobile phone is within the range of the Wi-Fi router and is not blocked by any type of barrier. Consider moving the router to different regions or using Wi-Fi extenders can help improve the router’s range.

2. Network congestion:

High congestion can cause slow or intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity. Avoid connecting to crowded Wi-Fi networks. Prioritize networks with less congestion or upgrade to a faster network plan to resolve these congestion issues.

3. Router Settings:

Incompatible router settings or incorrect configurations can affect Wi-Fi connectivity. Make sure the router firmware is up to date and suitable for your mobile phone. Verify that Wi-Fi is transmitting on the correct frequency band and channel (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). Disable any security settings on the router that may be incompatible with the smartphone.

4. Forget and reconnect:

Sometimes forgetting the Wi-Fi network and reconnecting it can fix connectivity issues. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, choose the Wi-Fi network that is causing problems, and choose “Forget.” Reconnect to Wi-Fi by choosing it from the list of networks and entering the appropriate password if necessary.

5. Reset Network Settings:

Resetting network settings can help resolve persistent Wi-Fi issues related to software program application crashes or misconfigurations. To perform that step, navigate to Settings > Additional settings, choose Backup & reset > Reset network settings, and confirm the reset. After resetting these settings, reconfigure the Wi-Fi connections and test if the issues are resolved.

6. Wi-Fi Optimization:

Enable Wi-Fi optimization alternatives available in phone settings to improve network balance and average performance. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, select Wi-Fi options, and allow alternatives like “Wi-Fi assistant” or “Wi-Fi power saving mode.”

7. DNS Settings:

Incorrect DNS (Domain Name System) settings can cause Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Manually configure DNS settings on the Redmi device to use Google DNS or trusted DNS servers. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, long press Wi-Fi network, click “Modify” and configure DNS settings to “Advanced Alternatives”.

8. Software Updates:

Software updates play an essential role in optimizing performance and fixing errors or problems. Make sure your smartphone has the updated version of MIUI and Android to benefit from regular performance improvements and fixes that could help fix battery drain issues. Check your software update settings and download them periodically.

9. Factory reset your device:

If Wi-Fi issues persist even after trying the methods above, a factory reset can also help fix underlying software issues. Back up your data as this step will erase all your data. After the reboot, selectively reinstall apps to identify any culprit functionality causing lagging issues.


By following these steps in this guide given above, you can fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your Redmi K70 and deliver a strong and uninterrupted connection.

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