Realme 12 Pro camera setup officially detailed

Realme 12 Pro camera setup

Realme enthusiasts in India and China can look forward to the much-anticipated release of the Realme 12 Pro series later this month. This morning, Realme officials officially revealed the Realme 12 Pro camera setup, emphasizing the cutting-edge technology.

The standout feature of the Realme 12 Pro series is its ultra-bright 64-megapixel periscope telephoto lens (Pro+ only?), a feature usually reserved for high-end flagship phones. Realme aims to bring this sophisticated technology to a wider audience, by offering an impressive 120x zoom capability. The series is equipped with the OV64B telephoto lens, supporting 3x optical zoom, 6x lossless zoom and revolutionary 120x digital zoom.

Realme 12 Pro Series 5G Camera Features:

Realme 12 Pro Series 5G Camera Features:

  • Range: focal length from 16mm to 142mm; 3X optical zoom; 6X in-sensor zoom, 120X super zoom
  • Periscope: 1/2″ OV64B large sensor, SuperOIS tilting prism, sub-wavelength structure coating, wave pattern sunshade, D-cut lens
  • Main camera: Sony IMX890 OIS
  • Imaging algorithm: raw domain architecture, heterogeneous computing, cinematic portraiture

To enhance the telephoto shooting experience, Realme uses ALC anti-reflective coating and advanced nano-grade lens process. The inclusion of suspension prism optical stabilization ensures stable, clear shots even at high zoom levels.

Realme 12 Pro camera setup

Realme takes camera capabilities even further with the integration of the Super Core Image Heterogeneous Framework. This customization results in a 155% increase in algorithm processing speed, supporting lossless RAW domain calculation, AI noise reduction, and a notable 26.5% increase in signal-to-signal ratio. noise from night scenes.

Realme 12 Pro underwater blue
Realme 12 Pro underwater blue

In a surprising move, Realme also announced a collaboration with Rolex for a co-branded version of the Realme 12 Pro, aptly named Submarine Blue. The design retains the distinctive large round rear camera module, now a signature of the Realme family, complemented by Rolex’s classic navy blue vegan leather back. The golden vertical lines of the diamond forged texture add a touch of luxury to the device, enhancing its aesthetics.

As the Realme 12 Pro series promises to bring premium camera capabilities to a wider market, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its official release in India and China later this month.

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