REALME X3 SUPERZOOM turns off by itself (5 ways to fix it)

Does your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM turn off unexpectedly and without warning? In this post, we will give you 5 effective tips to fix this problem and prevent your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM from turning off on its own.

It is frustrating when your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM turns off unexpectedly, especially if this happens frequently. However, you don’t have to live with this problem as there are solutions to fix it.

REALME X3 SUPERZOOM turns off unexpectedly (do this)

In this guide, we will present you five practical tips to fix a REALME X3 SUPERZOOM that turns off by itself and prevent this problem from happening again.

Tip 1: Check the battery and charging

One of the most common reasons why a REALME X3 SUPERZOOM turns off unexpectedly is a faulty battery or charging issues. It is important to start by checking the condition of the battery and the quality of the charge.

1. Make sure the battery of your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM is in good condition and not swollen.
2. Make sure you are using an original MOTOROLA charger and cable.
3. Clean the charging ports of the phone and charger to ensure a good connection.

Tip 2: Close background apps

Having many applications running in the background can overload the system of your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM, which could cause unexpected shutdowns. It’s like your phone is running a marathon with a backpack full of unnecessary apps.

1. Open the recent apps screen and close all apps you are not using.
2. Make sure apps are not running in the background and consuming unnecessary resources.

Tip 3: Control the temperature of REALME X3 SUPERZOOM

An overheated REALME X3 SUPERZOOM can be the cause of unexpected shutdowns. When the device reaches extremely high temperatures, it automatically shuts down to protect its internal components.

1. Avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.
2. If you feel that the REALME X3 SUPERZOOM is getting too hot, please turn it off for a while and let it cool down before turning it on again.

Tip 4: Update the operating system and applications

Outdated software can cause unexpected shutdowns on your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM. Software updates typically include bug fixes that address these issues.

1. Go to the settings of your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM.
2. Search for “Software Update” and check if updates are available for the operating system and applications.
3. Download and install any pending updates.

Tip 5: Perform a factory reset

When the problems persist and nothing seems to work, performing a factory reset on REALME X3 SUPERZOOM could be the solution. Keep in mind that this will erase all your data, so it is a drastic measure.

1. Back up your important data.
2. Access “Settings” on your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM.
3. Find “General Management” and select “Reset”.
4. Choose “Factory data reset” and follow the on-screen instructions.
5. Restore your data from backup after reboot.


If your REALME X3 SUPERZOOM turns off unexpectedly and on its own, these five tips will provide you with effective solutions to avoid this problem.

1. Check battery and charging
2. Close background apps
3. Monitor REALME X3 SUPERZOOM temperature
4. Update OS and Apps
5. Perform a factory reset

With these steps, you will be able to enjoy a REALME X3 SUPERZOOM that does not turn off on its own and works reliably.

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