Redmi 12 5G overheating? Follow these simple steps!

In this manual, we will talk about the overheating problems faced by Redmi 12 5G users and offer you the right steps to fix this problem, so that you can have an optimized cell phone.

Steps to fix overheating issues on your Redmi 12 5G

1. Intensive Use:

Frequently examine the running applications on your Xiaomi device and identify those that continually require excessive resources. Consider restricting or uninstalling those apps, if you don’t use them every day.

2. Poor ventilation:

Blocking or restricting airflow through the device, along with using it on soft surfaces or shielding vents, can contribute to overheating. Place the smartphone on hard surfaces to ensure adequate ventilation. Avoid use on soft materials that may block vents and conduct heat.

3. Charge and use simultaneously:

Using your phone while it is charging, specifically with apps running in the background, can cause these types of issues. Refrain from using your smartphone a lot even while it is charging, especially with useful applications that consume a lot of resources.

4. Manage connectivity:

Continued use of deep network capabilities like GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile data can eventually lead to such problems. Disable those capabilities while not in use and don’t forget to apply them selectively to decrease the overall load on the cell phone’s processor.

5. Check for software updates:

These overheating problems can also arise due to errors or glitches in the software program. To fix this issue, be sure to regularly update your software program. Developers release updates frequently to fix these issues and increase typical performance. Go to settings and choose the option software program to check and configure it if available.

6. Reboot the device:

A simple step to fix the problem can be to restart the cell phone. This step will fix any machine malfunctions. Just press the power button for 5 seconds and then click on the reset option to try this move. Check if the problems persist after the step.

7. Reduce screen brightness:

Keeping the brightness level low can greatly help decrease overheating problems. Try using features like adaptive brightness as they modify the brightness mainly based on ambient conditions.

8. Remove the casing and allow ventilation:

Cases or covers, especially those that are thick or insulated, can contribute to overheating by trapping air. Remove the case if you are using heavy applications or while charging to allow for better airflow and dissipation.

9. Search for apps:

Some poorly optimized or malfunctioning apps may not show up in battery usage logs, but this can be a reason for overheating.

10. Perform a factory reset on your device:

If overheating issues persist after trying these methods, perform a factory reset as your last option, but continue with a warning as this step will erase all data on your phone.


By following these steps, you will be able to efficiently solve the overheating problems of your Redmi 12 5G and have an optimized cell phone. If the issues persist after trying those steps, you should contact Xiaomi Service Center or an Authorized Service Center for expert troubleshooting steps.

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