Redmi A2 Won’t Turn On? Try These Easy tips!

In this article, we will explore the causes of Redmi A2 not turning on and provide practical solutions to help you fix and address these issues effectively.

Tips to solve problems with Redmi A2 that does not turn on

1. Battery shortage:

Additionally, a dead battery can also prevent your device from turning on and cause this issue. Connect the device to a reliable power source and allow it to operate for an extended period.

2. Forced reboot:

A software glitch or crash can also prevent the phone from starting. Force the device to restart by holding the power button for a long period (commonly 10 to 15 seconds) until it reboots. This can help fix software-related issues affecting your device.

3. Defective power button:

A malfunctioning power button can prevent the device from responding to attempts to turn it on. Inspect the power button for physical damage or stuck positions. If the button appears to be defective, seek professional assistance to repair or replace it.

4. Inspect the charging cable and adapter:

Assess the charging cable and adapter for any visible damage. Bent cables or damaged adapters may prevent the charging system from functioning. Please use the charger and cable that come with the Redmi smartphone. If possible, try a different charger and cable to make sure the problem is not always related to a faulty charging accessory.

5. Hardware malfunction:

Components such as the power button, motherboard, or other internal hardware may be faulty, causing the device not to turn on. If the tool is under warranty, contact the manufacturer’s customer service for similar assistance. Professional inspection and, if vital, refurbishment or replacement may be required for hardware-related issues.

6. Try a different charging cable and adapter:

If the proper charging cable or adapter is damaged, use a replacement USB cable and adapter that are known to efficiently charge the smartphone.

7. Try different charging points:

Try connecting your Redmi smartphone to another power outlet to rule out the possibility of power outlet related issues. Sometimes using a different outlet can result in successful charging and this could fix the problem.

8. Battery Replacement:

If your Redmi cell phone’s battery is old or broken, it may not be able to hold a charge, which will prevent it from turning on. Consider replacing the battery with a genuine replacement item to repair normal capacity.

9. Contact Customer Support:

If none of the above answers solve the problem successfully, it is advisable to contact Xiaomi customer service. They will provide you with specific guidance based on your device and can provide additional help or recommend professional repair offers if necessary.


By following these solutions, you will be able to easily troubleshoot your Redmi A2 yourself, fix the not turning on efficiently issues, and have a working phone again.

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