Redmi Note 12S network problems? Follow these simple ways!

In this post, we will address network issues on your Redmi Note 12S and provide easy ways to resolve them.

Easy Ways to Fix Network Issues on Your Redmi Note 12S

1. Poor signal strength:

A poor signal can lead to dropped calls, slow internet speeds, and intermittent connectivity. Make sure you are within range of a strong network signal by checking the signal bars or indicators on your smartphone. If you are indoors, move towards a window or better elevation to improve signal reception. Alternatively, allow Wi-Fi or VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calling if supported with your carrier’s help to increase call quality and reliability.

2. Checking network settings:

Incorrect network configurations or misconfigurations can cause connectivity issues. Check that the network settings on the Redmi smartphone are configured efficiently on your service. Navigate to Settings, access the SIM cards section and select cellular networks, now choose the preferred network type and choose an appropriate mode (such as 4G/3G/2G).

3. Airplane Mode Reset:

Enabling and disabling Airplane mode can reset the device’s network connections and certainly resolve network issues. Turn Airplane mode on and off by accessing the quick settings menu or going to settings. Wait a few seconds for the device to reconnect to the network after turning off Airplane mode.

4. SIM card inspection:

A faulty or incorrectly inserted SIM card can cause network connectivity problems. Turn off the Redmi smartphone and remove the SIM card tray using the ejector provided with the phone. Inspect the SIM card for signs of damage, such as scratches or dents. Reinsert the SIM card securely into the tray and make sure it is properly aligned before inserting it back into the smartphone.

5. Check APN settings:

Access Point Name (APN) settings determine how your device connects to the cellular network. Incorrect APN settings can cause these types of problems. You can easily find the appropriate APN settings on your mobile phone issuer’s website or by contacting customer service.

6. Software Updates:

Software updates play an important role in optimizing overall performance and fixing bugs or functionality issues. Make sure your phone is running the updated version of MIUI and Android to benefit from general performance updates and fixes that could help resolve such issues.

7. Network reset settings:

Resetting network settings can help resolve persistent network issues related to software program system crashes or misconfigurations. To do so, navigate to Settings, select Additional Settings, choose Backup & Reset, then go to Reset Network Settings and verify the reset. After resetting these settings, reconfigure the network and test connectivity.

8. Operator Support:

Contact your cell phone provider’s customer service if network problems persist despite efforts to resolve them. The service may also offer help, troubleshooting network problems on your end, or guidance on resolving particular issues associated with your network connection.

9. Restart your device:

Restarting your smartphone is the easiest troubleshooting step; This step will eliminate any software bug causing the problem. Reboot and test if the problems persist.


By using the ways mentioned above, you can fix network issues on your Redmi Note 12S.

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