Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra undergoes scratch and drop tests

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra scratch and drop tests

PBKreviews recently put the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra through its famous drop and scratch rating, putting the flagship phone through a series of rigorous tests. The aircraft suffered multiple falls from above the waist, sustaining impacts to the front, sides and back. Surprisingly, the initial drop resulted in only minor scuffs to the frame, coupled with a small crack in the upper right corner of the screen. Despite this, the back of the phone came out remarkably unscathed from its descent, demonstrating the durability of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra scratch and drop tests

In a bold move, the new titanium frame was faced with a close encounter with a drill and, much to everyone’s relief, it emerged unscathed from this unconventional test. This not only highlights the sturdy nature of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s build, but also highlights the effectiveness of its innovative materials. Meanwhile, the display and Gorilla Glass Armor were put to the test against a mix of dust and gravel. Impressively, the screen showed no defects or scratches, demonstrating the phone’s resilience in the face of everyday challenges.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra appears to have weathered PBKreviews’ tough tests with commendable resilience and composure. Its ability to withstand drops, scratches, and even bumps with a drill positions it as a rugged contender in the smartphone market, attracting users looking for a device that can withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising performance or aesthetics.

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