Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2 chipset takes virtual reality to new heights

Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2 Platform

In a groundbreaking collaboration launched last year, Qualcomm, Samsung and Google unveiled the latest stage of their joint venture: the Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2 platform. This cutting-edge chipset is a significant upgrade to the XR2 Gen2, powering the Meta Quest 3, and is poised to rival Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset.

Qualcomm is emphasizing a 15% increase in GPU frequency and 20% increase in CPU frequency compared to the XR2 Gen2, all with the aim of delivering 4K-quality spatial computing.

Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2 Platform

A standout feature of the Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2 is its support for 4.3K monocular resolution and an impressive 90fps refresh rate. This represents a substantial jump over the 3K monocular resolution of the XR2 Gen2. Devices powered by this advanced chipset can accommodate 12 or more parallel cameras and feature powerful on-device AI capabilities. This combination facilitates seamless tracking of users’ movements and surroundings, creating an unprecedented experience that seamlessly blends the physical and digital realms.

To accelerate time-to-market for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Qualcomm Technologies has introduced a new mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) reference design. Developed in collaboration with Goertek and featuring Tobii’s eye tracking technology, the reference design supports both 3K monocular (using the Snapdragon XR2 Gen2) and 4K monocular (powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2).

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