The brightest Honor Magic6 screen powered by three industry leaders

Honor Magic6 Series Display Suppliers

In a grand unveiling, Honor introduced its latest flagship smartphone, the Honor Magic6 series. Going beyond the realm of innovation, this series delivers impressive camera systems, top-notch hardware, and a robust software experience. A notable feature is the formidable display of the Honor Magic6 series which not only matches the industry standards but surpasses them in various aspects.

The Honor Magic6 and Honor Magic6 Pro feature stunning visuals with their 6.78-inch (1264 × 2800p) and 6.80-inch (1280 × 2800p) high-definition eye-protection flexible AMOLED displays. Delivering unparalleled clarity and detail, these displays elevate the user experience to new heights.

Honor Magic 6 and Honor Magic 6 Pro

Setting a new benchmark, the maximum brightness of the displays reaches an all-time high of 5,000 nits. This ensures that even in harsh outdoor conditions with strong light, the display remains vibrant and uncompromising.

One of the notable features is the introduction of the industry’s first 4320Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming oasis eye protection shield. This revolutionary technology not only reduces stroboscopic flicker, promoting a more eye-friendly experience, but also ensures excellent image quality performance in low-light and grayscale settings.

Digging into the display supply chain, it was revealed that the main supplier of the standard version Honor Magic6 is Visionox, with Tianma and BOE acting as secondary suppliers. Meanwhile, the Honor Magic6 Pro also relies on Visionox as its primary supplier, accompanied by BOE as a secondary supplier.

With its remarkable display technology, Honor’s Magic6 series promises a visual treat, redefining standards in the world of smartphones and cementing Honor’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to its users.

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