The latest iPhone 16 Pro design changes are in the spotlight

Latest iPhone 16 Pro design tweaks

In a recent report from MacRumors, details were revealed regarding Apple’s experimentation with button configurations and sizes in the engineering model of the highly anticipated iPhone 16 Pro. The tech giant tested four distinct button layouts, revealing a fascinating journey of design evolution and decision-making.

  • Unified volume button with large action button and new capture button
  • Separate volume buttons with the large Action button and Capture button flush with the bezel
  • Separate volume buttons with a small Action button and a Capture button flush with the (current) bezel

The journey begins with early prototypes showcasing the Project Bongo design, which included a unified volume button and a small multifunction action button on the left side, next to the power button on the right. However, this design suffered setbacks during testing, leading Apple to abandon it due to poor results and a high hardware failure rate. Despite this, a holdover from Project Bongo’s design, the unified volume knob, found its way into later iterations.

The second prototype retained a unified volume button but introduced a larger action button, almost matching the size of the volume button. This version also incorporated a capture button below the power button on the right side, indicating Apple’s exploration of new features.

Latest iPhone 16 Pro design tweaks
Latest iPhone 16 Pro design tweaks

Later prototypes moved away from the unified button design, opting for separate volume buttons. These models incorporated capacitive action buttons and a capture button, both recessed into the bezel, using force sensor technology. This departure from the initial unified approach suggests a commitment to refining user experience and functionality.

In the latest iteration, called “Proto2,” Apple has once again tweaked the action button. Instead of a larger, flush design, the company opted for a smaller action button, reminiscent of the one on the iPhone 15 Pro. This change signifies a deliberate choice in button aesthetics, perhaps aligning with user preferences established in previous models.

Latest iPhone 16 Pro design tweaks

While the report does not explicitly detail how these changes will impact Apple’s plans for capacitive action buttons, the significant design change raises questions about whether this feature has been delayed or even canceled for future iPhone versions. Meticulous testing and iterations suggest a commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly button experience.

The evolution of the iPhone 16 Pro button design shows Apple’s commitment to innovation and refinement. From the early setbacks of Project Bongo to experimenting with unified and separate buttons, each prototype reflects Apple’s search for the ideal user interface. The latest “Proto2” design hints at a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality, leaving users and tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the final unveiling of the iPhone 16 Pro.

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