Ultra insensitive touch screen of the Xiaomi 13? Fix them!

In this post, we will address the unresponsive touch screen issues for your Xiaomi 13 Ultra and offer detailed guidelines to resolve them so that you have a responsive touch screen.

Tips to resolve unresponsive touchscreen issues on your Xiaomi 13 Ultra

1. Clean the screen:

Dirt, oil or debris on the touch screen can limit the sensitivity of the touch and can become the cause of such problems on your phone. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the screen to remove any dust, fingerprints or smudges. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that would damage the screen.

2. Remove SIM and SD card:

In rare cases, a hardware failure can also cause the screen to respond slowly or not at all, including SIM and SD cards, remove both and reinsert them later. Turn on your phone after removing the hardware additives to test if the problems persist.

3. Remove the screen protector or case:

Screen protectors or cases can disrupt the responsiveness of the touch screen, especially if they are not properly aligned or if they are made of substandard substances. Remove any protectors or covers and check the touch screen to see if responsiveness improves. If the problem is solved, try to use appropriate and quality protectors or covers.

4. Damage due to moisture or water:

Exposure to moisture or water can damage touch screen components and cause unresponsiveness. Turn off the smartphone, remove all removable components from the device, including SIM cards, and place the additives in a container with raw rice or silica gel to absorb moisture.

5. Inspect for magnetic interference:

The responsiveness of your touch screen may be affected by magnetic interference; so it is important to check if there are any accessories or magnetic devices near your phone that are causing these problems.

6. Check for hardware damage:

Assess the screen for cracks, scratches or damage, and look for signs of water damage. If you notice damage to the screen or any internal problems, please contact customer service for help or go to an authorized service center.

7. Update touch screen drivers:

Connect your mobile phone to a PC and check for touch screen driver updates. Start by installing the updated version to fix any issues with touch screen responsiveness. You can find these vital drivers on the manufacturer’s website and through your PC’s system administrator.

8. Force restart your device:

A force restart can usually fix brief software crashes that may be causing touchscreen responsiveness issues. Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds. If the problem is due to a software program crash, this step will fix the problem.

9. Contact Customer Support or Service Center:

If the touch screen issue persists even after trying the above tips, it is due to hardware issues. Please contact Xiaomi customer service for professional assistance as they can offer you additional steps and guidance to resolve the issues.


By following these tips, you can fix unresponsive touchscreen issues on your Xiaomi 13 Ultra and offer a responsive touchscreen on your device.

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