Xiaomi 12 Lite won’t turn on? Fix them!

This post offers you easy and efficient tips to solve problems of not turning on your Xiaomi 12 Lite and get back a working smartphone.

Simple tips to solve problems of not turning on your Xiaomi 12 Lite

1. Charge the device:

The only and most important step is to check the battery levels by connecting the device to a charger and letting it charge for at least 30 minutes. Make sure the charger and cable are in good condition and suitable for the device.

2. Try a different charger and cable:

Damaged or incompatible charging cables or adapters can cause charging issues. If your mobile phone does not respond to an initial charger and cable, try using some other set to avoid any problems with charging accessories.

3. Perform a Force Restart:

If your mobile phone is not responding, this step will possibly start the phone. You can do that step by long pressing the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds. This simulates a battery disconnection and can often address minor software system defects.

4. Inspect for physical damage:

Physical damage can affect internal parts and prevent your device from working. Examine the device for any signs of physical damage, specifically to the buttons and other important areas.

5. Connect to a computer:

Connect the phone to a laptop with the use of a USB cable and check if the PC recognizes the phone. This can help determine if the problem is associated with the device’s power or display.

6. Hardware problems:

If the phone still doesn’t start working, there may be underlying hardware issues. Inspect the buttons for physical damage or malfunction. Also, check if the device gets hot while charging as this can cause hardware problems.

7. Battery Replacement:

Over time, smartphone batteries can die. If your Xiaomi phone is still insured, please contact customer service for an alternative battery or seek expert help to replace the battery.

8. Remove SIM card:

Occasionally, a hardware failure can also cause the device to stop responding, including SIM and SD cards, try removing them and putting them back in later.

9. Check for water or moisture:

If your mobile phone is exposed to moisture or water, your device will not respond. You can try to dry the mobile phone, which solves the problem. You can get rid of smartphone items that can be removed from the device. Keep those items in a sealed rice package. This step will remove water from the device and turn it on.

10. Seek professional assistance:

If none of the above steps work, it is recommended to seek help from Xiaomi customer service or visit an authorized service center for further analysis and restoration.


If you follow these guidelines, you can easily fix the problems of not turning on your Xiaomi 12 Lite yourself. If the suggestions don’t work, contact Xiaomi Service Center for expert help.

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