Xiaomi 13 ghost touch problems? Effective ways to solve them!

In this guide, we will identify the possible reasons for ghost touch problems on your Xiaomi 13 and provide you with effective methods to resolve them and present an optimized touch screen for your smartphone.

How to fix Ghost Touch problems on your Xiaomi 13?

1. Screen Protector Alignment:

A misaligned or misaligned screen protector can cause ghost touch issues on your mobile phone. You need to check that the screen protector is aligned correctly on the edges of the phone. Reinstalling or replacing the screen protector can eliminate any interference that may cause unwanted touches.

2. Screen Cleaning:

Dirt, fingerprints, or moisture on the screen can cause ghost touch issues. Periodically cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth can improve contact accuracy.

3. Screen calibration:

Inaccurate touchscreen calibration can contribute to phantom touch problems. You can navigate to settings and search for touch screen calibration options. Calibrating the touch screen or resetting calibration settings can improve touch accuracy and certainly resolve phantom touch issues.

4. Application conflicts:

Certain apps can also cause ghost touches on the touch screen. You should evaluate the applications installed on your system and identify one that causes these problems. Uninstalling or updating those apps can also resolve ghost touch issues. Alternatively, you can boot your Xiaomi phone into safe mode to check if the issue persists without third-party apps on the device.

5. Software Updates:

Keeping software updated is important as Xiaomi continually releases updates to fix ghost touch issues. Manufacturers release software updates that include touch screen sensitivity and overall performance updates. Check settings and update your device regularly.

6. Perform a factory reset:

If the phantom contact issues persist even after following these steps, a factory reset may be the last step to stop the ongoing issues. You must backup your important data as this step erases all your system settings and data. After the reboot, check if the issues persist.

7. Hardware inspection:

If ghost touch issues persist, there may be underlying hardware issues affecting your Xiaomi device. You should contact Xiaomi support or visit an authorized service center for expert evaluation. Hardware issues along with a faulty digitizer or touch screen may also require professional analysis and restoration.

8. Restart your device:

Restarting your mobile phone can help resolve any brief issues causing ghost touches. You need to restart your phone for a few seconds and then turn it on once again directly to cause the reboot.

9. External factors:

Environmental factors, along with excessive temperatures or humidity, can affect the overall performance of a touch screen. You should check your surroundings and avoid exposing the Xiaomi device to situations that may negatively affect the touch screen. Operating the phone in moderate levels of temperature and humidity can contribute to greater tactile responsiveness.


By starting these approaches mentioned above, you can fix ghost touch issues on your Xiaomi 13 and deliver a reliable and responsive touch screen experience on your mobile phone. Please seek help from Xiaomi customer service if the issues persist.

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