Xiaomi 13T ghost touch problems? Try these easy solutions!

In this manual, we aim to find out the reasons for ghost touch problems on your Xiaomi 13T and provide you with simple solutions to fix them so that you can have a reliable and responsive touch screen on your smartphone.

How to fix Ghost Touch problems on your Xiaomi 13T?

1. Remove the screen protector or case:

Screen protectors or cases can disrupt the responsiveness of the touch screen, especially if they are not aligned correctly or if they are made of substandard substances. Remove any protectors or cases, test the touch screen and see if the problems are resolved.

2. Software update:

Firmware bugs or software program conflicts can cause ghost touch issues. These problems can also arise from outdated software programs, incompatible programs, or corrupted system documents. Manufacturers periodically release software updates to address performance issues. Checking for updates periodically and installing them can fix software-related system defects.

3. Calibrate the touch screen:

Xiaomi devices allow you to calibrate the touch screen to improve the accuracy and responsiveness of your phone. Check the settings for a touch screen calibration option and watch the commands on the screen to start the step.

4. Clear the screen:

Dirt, oil or particles on the touch screen can restrict the touch sensitivity and can become a reason for such problems on your phone. Use a clean cloth to gently wipe the screen and remove any dirt, fingerprints or smudges, and check the touch screen to see if problems persist.

5. Update applications:

Manufacturers frequently release updates to resolve compatibility issues, improve application performance, and fix issues.

6. Boot into Safe Mode:

Ghost Touch issues can be caused by third-party apps that are poorly optimized and configured on the device. You should check the settings app list and uninstall any apps that are not actively used.

7. Reboot the device:

Sometimes a clean reset can fix software program related issues that could affect the performance of the touch screen. Restart the smartphone and see if the ghost touch issues improve after the restart.

8. Factory Reset:

As a last alternative, a factory reset on the smartphone can help deal with ongoing phantom contact issues. However, remember that this step will erase all data and settings on the device, so make sure to backup crucial data before starting this step.

9. Overheating:

When the phone overheats, it may reduce the overall performance to prevent damage to your smartphone, which leads to such problems. Check the temperature of your phone and take measures to avoid it, such as prolonged use in hours of direct sunlight and using the device in a properly ventilated region.

10. Hardware inspection:

Sometimes phantom contact problems can be caused by faulty hardware additives. You need to contact Xiaomi customer service or go to an authorized service center to get it professionally diagnosed and get additional steps to repair such issues.


By following these simple tips, you can easily fix ghost touch issues on your Xiaomi 13T and have a responsive touch screen with smooth functionality.

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