Xiaomi 14 Pro won’t turn on? A simple guide!

In this guide, we will discover the causes why your Xiaomi 14 Pro won’t turn on and offer specific steps to fix them. Dealing with this difficulty can be frustrating for you as a user; By implementing these steps you will be able to solve this problem without difficulty.

Simple Ways to Solve Your Xiaomi 14 Pro Not Turning On Issues

1. Charge the device:

The most important step is to check the battery level by connecting the mobile phone to a charger for half an hour. Make sure the charger and cable are in good condition and suitable for the device.

2. Check for physical damage:

Examine the phone for any signs of physical damage, along with cracks, dents, or water damage. Physical damage may prevent the phone from turning on. If you find any damage, please seek help from Xiaomi customer service or go to an authorized service center for help.

3. Perform a Force Restart:

A forced restart can periodically fix minor software system glitches that may be causing these responsiveness issues. If the problem is due to a software glitch or crash, this step will fix the problem.

4. Try a different charger and cable:

If your mobile phone is not responding to the current charger and cable, try using a few different sets to rule out any problems with the charging accessories.

5. Hardware problems:

There may be underlying hardware issues causing such annoyances. Inspect the buttons for physical damage or malfunction. Also, check whether the smartphone gets hot or not at the time of charging as this may mean that there is a possibility of hardware issues.

6. Remove SIM card:

In rare cases, a hardware failure can also cause the phone not to turn on, including SIM and SD cards, please remove them and insert them later. Try turning on your phone after removing the hardware additives to check if the issues have been resolved.

7. Check for water or moisture:

Exposure to moisture or water can cause damage to the touch screen components and cause unresponsiveness. Turn off the smartphone, remove all removable additives, which consist of SIM cards, and store the components in a container with raw rice or silica gel to absorb moisture. After a few hours, put them all back and try turning on your device to see if the problem is resolved.

8. Battery Replacement:

Over time, lithium-ion batteries degrade, reducing their capacity and lifespan. A degraded battery can cause your mobile phone to become unresponsive. Try contacting Xiaomi customer service to inquire about the battery alternative or any steps to resolve the issue.

9. Contact Xiaomi Support:

If none of the above methods resolve the issue, there may be hardware issues. Please contact Xiaomi customer service or visit an authorized service center for similar assistance and restoration alternatives.


By following these effective and precise steps you will be able to solve the No Power On problems on your Xiaomi 14 Pro and have a functional device.

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