Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Civi 4 obtain flicker-free certification

Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Civi 4 pass flicker-free certification

In a recent update to the official German Rheinland reveal, Xiaomi has achieved a major milestone with its flagship devices, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra (model number 24030PN60G) and the suspected Xiaomi Civi 4 (model number 24031PN0DC). Both devices have successfully achieved the coveted flicker-free certification.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Civi 4 pass flicker-free certification

Flicker-free certification is a notable recognition, which means that these smartphones employ advanced display technologies to effectively reduce users’ eye strain. This feature is particularly crucial in today’s screen-centric world, where prolonged exposure can contribute to eye strain and discomfort.

The certification assures users that Xiaomi device screens meet strict standards, ensuring a smooth and flicker-free viewing experience. By minimizing flicker, these smartphones aim to relieve stress on users’ eyes, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable interaction with the device.

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