Xiaomi Civi 2 overheating? An effective guide!

This complete manual addresses the causes of overheating on your Xiaomi Civi 2 and offers simple steps to solve them so that you can have an optimized device.

Effective steps to resolve overheating issues on your Xiaomi Civi 2

1. Intensive Tasks and Multitasking:

Performing exhaustive tasks or browsing more than one app at the same time can increase the phone’s temperature. Avoid using your phone while doing heavy activities like gaming and video streaming. Closing unused applications can help reduce pressure on hardware and address overheating issues.

2. Software Updates:

Keeping software up to date is essential as Xiaomi typically releases updates to fix overheating issues. Manufacturers release software updates, which include popular and common performance updates. Check settings and update your device frequently.

3. High ambient temperatures:

Environmental factors, such as exposing your device to direct sunlight or excessive ambient temperatures, can contribute to overheating. You want to avoid using the Xiaomi device in extreme temperatures and try to charge the device in a cool, shady environment. Additionally, removing the protective cover can help dissipate heat.

4. Background apps that consume resources:

Background apps that move constantly can contribute to overheating. You should evaluate and close unused applications. Accessing the app settings or using the built-in features can help stop heat generation.

5. Toggle airplane mode:

Enabling airplane mode quickly disables numerous network connections, reducing power consumption. You can turn on Airplane Mode when network connections are not required to resolve such issues.

6. Screen brightness and display settings:

High brightness settings and prolonged use of the screen can contribute to overheating. You should adjust the screen brightness to a lower degree. Additionally, you must allow adaptive brightness to modify the brightness based on environmental conditions.

7. GPS and location services:

Continued use of GPS can put stress on the phone’s hardware and cause it to overheat. You should restrict the use of region-based bidding to fix this issue. Manually disabling GPS and regional services can preserve assets and cool down the mobile phone.

8. Background Sync:

Apps that sync information in the background, such as email or cloud services, can contribute to overheating. You should evaluate and modify the application synchronization settings, reducing the frequency of synchronization.

9. Checking the battery status:

A degraded or faulty battery contributes to overheating problems. You should try Xiaomi device battery check using a built-in diagnostic feature or third-party apps. If battery degradation is detected, you will need to replace the battery to resolve overheating issues.

10. Gaming Settings and Performance:

Periods of intense gaming or using excessive performance settings may increase the phone’s temperature. If you use gaming applications, you should enable general performance modes that prioritize heat management.

11. Factory reset your device:

If all else fails, a factory reset can also fix overheating issues. Before you begin, you should back up your important data as this step erases all settings and personal data. After booting, test if the problems persist.

12. Professional Assistance:

If the overheating issues persist, there may be underlying hardware issues affecting the Xiaomi device. It is suggested to contact Xiaomi Customer Service for expert evaluation.


By implementing the strategies mentioned in the guide, you will be able to solve the overheating problems of your Xiaomi Civi 2 and get the best performance.

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