Apple Vision Pro durability test: revealing the resilience thresholds of glass

Apple Vision Pro durability test:

Apple enthusiasts and technology aficionados rejoiced when the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro space computing headset officially hit the market recently. Packed with cutting-edge features, the headset promises a premium entertainment experience, available in three storage configurations: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, priced at $3,499, $3,699, and $3,899 respectively.

However, just as consumers were getting their hands on this futuristic device, renowned tech reviewer Sam Kohl of Apple Track conducted an intensive Apple Vision Pro durability test that revealed some intriguing insights into the headset’s ruggedness.

Durability test:

In a comprehensive Apple Vision Pro durability test video, Sam Kohl put the Apple Vision Pro through a series of intentional impacts to assess its durability. Upon entering a room while wearing the helmet, Kohl intentionally collided with walls and cabinets. Impressively, the EyeSight external glass panels held up to impacts, showing only a series of scratches, highlighting the device’s resilience in everyday scenarios.

Apple Vision Pro durability test

The durability test took a more extreme turn when Kohl threw the Vision Pro headset against a wall. Surprisingly, the front glass panel remained intact, demonstrating the device’s ability to withstand significant impact forces. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, as repeated drop tests eventually led to the outer glass panel breaking. Despite this, the internal screen was not damaged and even after removing the broken external screen, the internal screen continued to function normally.

Repair costs and considerations:

Although the durability of the Apple Vision Pro has proven to be remarkable, potential buyers should be aware of the associated repair costs. Apple’s website states that out-of-warranty repairs for the EyeSight external display panel cost $799. To mitigate these costs, consumers can opt for AppleCare+, a service available for $499, which reduces the repair cost to $299. While this service may offer financial relief, users should consider the overall investment and weigh the benefits of additional protection.

The Apple Vision Pro durability test conducted by Sam Kohl provides valuable information on the headset’s ability to withstand physical stress. Despite the impressive scratch and impact resistance, potential buyers should be aware of the repair costs associated with out-of-warranty damage. As the luxury space computing device continues to captivate consumers, understanding its durability and available protection options becomes essential for an informed purchasing decision.

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