Four upcoming Xiaomi flagship phones adopt satellite communication technology

Four upcoming flagship phones from Xiaomi with satellite communication

In a recent reveal from Digital Chat Station, it was revealed that Xiaomi is set to introduce satellite communication technology in its upcoming flagship smartphone lineup.

Reports suggest that the next Snapdragon 8 Gen3 candy bar flagship will be the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, while two foldable flagships, including the Xiaomi Mix Flip and a potential successor to the Mix Fold, will also feature this cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the Snapdragon 8 Gen4-powered Xiaomi 15 Pro is expected to join the list of satellite-enabled devices.

The move follows a trend in the smartphone industry started by Huawei’s Mate 50 series, which debuted with satellite communications capabilities. Other brands, such as OPPO with the Find X7 series and Honor with the Magic 6 series, have also adopted this technology.

Notably, Xiaomi initially considered implementing satellite communication on the Xiaomi 14 Pro. However, due to cost reasons, the decision was made to introduce this advanced feature on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. This strategic move aligns with the belief that users who invest in Xiaomi’s flagship models might be less price sensitive, justifying the incorporation of expensive technologies.

China Telecom insiders highlighted the technical challenges associated with integrating satellite communications into smartphones. Although it is a supply chain technology, its implementation requires significant investment in research and development and skilled talent. The decision to start with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra suggests a phased approach, with the anticipation of lower costs associated with satellite communications technology over the coming year.

Xiaomi’s foray into satellite communications technology not only reflects competitive dynamics in the smartphone market, but also demonstrates a commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation. As these advancements become more commonplace, users can expect to see satellite communication integration in future Xiaomi flagship models.

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