Google Bard ChatBot unveils its most significant upgrade since launch

Upgraded Google Bard ChatBot

Google recently unveiled a significant advancement in its chatbot technology, Bard, introducing image generation capabilities and Gemini Pro integration. This generative image creation, powered by Google’s Imagen 2 model, is available for free in supported regions worldwide. However, users must communicate with Bard using English commands to take advantage of his newly acquired skills. Users can now generate custom images by providing descriptive instructions to Bard, ensuring photorealistic, high-quality output.

To maintain ethical standards, Google emphasizes the use of “responsible AI” in Imagen 2 and Bard ChatBot. Imagen 2 was designed to avoid generating violent, offensive or pornographic images. Additionally, the model underwent training to prevent the creation of images depicting specific groups of people. To distinguish AI-generated images from human-created ones, Google will embed a digitally recognizable watermark at the pixel level.

Alongside these developments, Google has extended language support for its Gemini Pro model, Bard’s companion. Gemini Pro now supports over 40 languages ​​and covers over 230 countries and regions. This expansion is expected to strengthen Bard’s abilities in comprehension, synthesis, reasoning, creation, collaboration and planning. The Gemini Pro integration aligns with Google’s commitment to making Bard a versatile and globally accessible chatbot.

Another notable feature is the expansion of Bard’s double-checking functionality to encompass over 40 languages. Previously limited to English, this feature allows users to verify the accuracy of Bard’s answers by cross-checking content across the Internet. This improvement increases user confidence in the reliability of the information provided by AI.

As Google continues to push the boundaries of conversational AI, Bard’s latest upgrades demonstrate the company’s commitment to responsible and diverse AI applications. The combination of image generation, extensive language support, and enhanced fact-checking capabilities positions Bard as a versatile and reliable tool for users around the world. Incorporating responsible AI practices ensures that these advancements align with ethical considerations and contribute positively to the user experience.

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