Full overview of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera revolution

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera revolution

Samsung enthusiasts and tech aficionados are eager as the Korean tech giant prepares to launch its latest flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy S24, on January 17. Among the trio of releases – the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and the highly anticipated Galaxy S24. Ultra – the spotlight is undeniably on the latter, and more particularly on its revolutionary camera system.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera system

Evolution of camera hardware:

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera system marks a significant difference from its predecessor by opting for a more advanced and high-resolution 50MP 5X periscope telephoto lens, ditching the previous 10MP 10X periscope telephoto lens. The main camera has a superb 200 MP sensor, now equipped with the slightly improved ISOCELL HP2SX sensor. In support of this, the 12 MP ultra wide angle lenses and 10 MP 3X telephoto lenses have received enhancements, resulting in a diverse optical range from 0.6x ultra wide angle to 10x telescope range .

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera revolution

The camera system promises faster switching ranges in Auto and Pro camera modes with a full range of options: “0.6x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x”. Samsung’s marketing presents the optical telephoto lens as a “quad telephoto lens”, covering 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x, with 2x and 10x providing high-resolution optical quality zoom, and 3x and 5x providing true optical zoom range.

Samsung will also launch the Nightography Zoom feature for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, inviting users to light up their nights with this revolutionary addition. According to Samsung, “Brighten your night with Nightography on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.” This innovative capability not only allows users to capture the essence of low-light moments, but also invites them to explore them more closely. With the Galaxy S24 Ultra, zooming remotely even in difficult low-light conditions becomes effortless, marking a significant leap forward in smartphone photography.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera revolution

Video Recording Prowess:

Powered by the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera system delivers unparalleled video recording capabilities. Users can seamlessly switch between all camera sensors, including the front camera, while recording 4K video at 60fps, opening up creative possibilities in videography. Notably, the device can capture 50MP 8K high-resolution videos and photos in 1x and 5x optical zoom modes.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera revolution

With the aim of revolutionizing video recording, Samsung introduced the Advanced Professional Video (APV) codec. This codec supports 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 subsampling from 10 to 12 bits, providing a professional-quality format for post-processing similar to the ProRES format on the iPhone.

Innovative technologies:

Samsung is introducing two innovative technologies – ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace and E2E AI Remosaic – designed specifically for the 200MP sensor. Anyplace Zoom, powered by Qualcomm AI Engine, enables automatic subject tracking and cropping, as well as up to 4x zoom in any direction via the 200MP sensor while maintaining full 4K footage. E2E AI Remosaic technology, offering twice the speed of its predecessor, ensures refined image quality.

ISOCELL Zoom anywhere

AI multi-image processing:

The Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces an improved AI-based feature: “Multi-frame processing for all zoom ranges”. Automatically activated beyond the 20x zoom mark, this feature uses deep learning to provide super-resolution across all focal lengths, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of zoom photography.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera revolution

As the unveiling date approaches, these highlights offer a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s revolutionary camera capabilities. With promises of new unveilings at Galaxy Unpacked 2024, the tech world is eagerly awaiting the next chapter of smartphone camera innovation.

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