Xiaomi under-display dual-camera phone reveals unique display

Xiaomi under-screen dual camera phone

In recent reports, Xiaomi has been making waves in the tech world with its upcoming flagship phone, featuring the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor. This device is not only awaited for its robust performance but also for its innovative design, featuring an under-screen dual camera setup.

According to Digital Chat Station, a reliable source of tech leaks, Xiaomi’s mysterious flagship pushes the boundaries with not one, but two front-facing cameras seamlessly integrated under the display. This cutting-edge technology aims to eliminate traditional screen notches, providing users with an immersive viewing experience. What’s even more intriguing is the promise of four ultra-narrow bezels, ensuring a sleek and futuristic design.

Digital Chat Station highlighted that Xiaomi is taking a bold design step by eliminating black bands from the screen, a move achieved by changing the structure of the screen. This approach is expected to result in an “industry-leading high screen-to-body ratio,” promising users a visually stunning and captivating display.

The report highlights that this new flagship will not be part of Xiaomi’s MIX series, known for its full-screen devices. Instead, it will carve out its own identity while inheriting the essence of the MIX series. Although not the highly anticipated MIX 5, the device is poised to deliver a flagship full-screen experience with innovative features that redefine visual user interaction.

One of the notable features of this upcoming Xiaomi flagship is the integration of a 4x telephoto lens, enhancing the photographic capabilities of the device. In a related development, Geekbench’s sightings of the Xiaomi Suiren considered to be Xiaomi’s flagship dual under-display camera model, further fuel speculations about Xiaomi’s foray into dual under-display front cameras.

Xiaomi under-screen dual camera phone

Although not explicitly part of the MIX series, these technological innovations are considered a strategic basis for the upcoming Xiaomi MIX 5. The company seems to be focused on paving the way for a subversive and revolutionary flagship, potentially revolutionizing the way consumers perceive and interact with their smartphones.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship phone is generating excitement not only for its powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, but also for its innovative design elements, including dual under-screen cameras, four narrow bezels, and a 4x telephoto lens. Although not part of the MIX series, this device paves the way for the upcoming MIX 5, promising consumers a truly immersive and cutting-edge smartphone experience.

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