Google Bard Transforms: major update to Gemini and introduction of a paid plan

Google Bard turns into Gemini

In a recent leak, it was revealed that Google is preparing for a major update to its Google Bard artificial intelligence tool, with an unconfirmed name change to Gemini. The leaked document, shared by Android developer Dylan Roussel and dated February 7, 2024, highlights the transformative changes expected to roll out this week.

Google Bard turns into Gemini

According to the document, Bard will be rebranded as Gemini, which aligns with Google’s recent launch of a multimodal AI model with the same name in late 2023. The leaked information suggests that this update aims to seamlessly integrate Gemini’s capabilities in Google Al, providing users with a direct and enhanced experience.

Gemini promises to maintain the collaborative features users love while introducing improvements to the user interface. User interface improvements are designed to reduce visual distractions, improve readability, and simplify navigation for a more user-friendly experience.

Google Bard turns into Gemini

A notable reveal from the leak is the introduction of a paid version called Gemini Advanced. This premium offering will give users access to Gemini’s Ultra 1.0 model, which specializes in complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, following step-by-step instructions, and creative collaboration. The document hints at initial availability in over 150 countries, optimized for the English language.

Additionally, the leak reveals plans for a dedicated Gemini app for Android, reinforcing Google’s commitment to expanding the accessibility of its AI tool. Additionally, the update is expected to expand Gemini’s reach in Canada, marking an international expansion of this advanced AI model.

Although the official announcement is yet to be made, the leaked details paint a picture of Google’s strategic move to streamline its AI offerings and provide users with an enriched and efficient AI experience through evolution of Bard towards Gemini.

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