Apple Vision Pro teardown reveals myriad of intricate components and complexity

Apple Vision Pro teardown video

iFixit, known for its in-depth teardowns of various tech gadgets, recently released a teardown video highlighting the inner workings of Apple’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro headset. This complete teardown of Apple Vision Pro reveals a myriad of complex components, showcasing the complexity involved in disassembling and repairing this cutting-edge device.

Apple Vision Pro teardown video

The teardown reveals a multitude of components housed within the Vision Pro, including an array of cameras and sensors, fans, and lens motors. This highlights the device’s sophisticated design and highlights the challenges users may encounter when attempting to repair. The complexity of these internal components sets the Vision Pro apart, making it a daunting task even for seasoned technicians.

Apple Vision Pro teardown video

Although some aspects of disassembly prove difficult, iFixit notes that disconnecting the battery cable and Buff Lightning connector on the headband arm is relatively simple. With a SIM card ejector tool, users can perform this step easily. However, this simplicity is short-lived as the subsequent disassembly process involves a more complex series of steps reminiscent of previous Apple devices.

The disassembly process, similar to previous Apple products, requires the use of a heat gun, prying tools, and careful handling of screws, brackets, and connectors. This underscores the company’s consistent approach to building devices and is a reminder of the precision involved in crafting these technological marvels.

Apple Vision Pro teardown video

One of the highlights of the teardown is the reveal of the EyeSight feature, which projects a rendered version of the wearer’s eyes. Achieving a remarkable 3D effect, this feature uses filters, lenses and films to allow external observers to see an accurate image of the wearer’s eyes depending on the viewing angle. The filtering layers, however, result in reduced brightness, adding to the complexity of this innovative technology.

Apple Vision Pro teardown video

iFixit’s teardown serves as a preliminary exploration of Vision Pro’s internal structure, with the promise of more detailed discoveries in the future. The difficulty of disassembly and the complex nature of the components suggest that repairing the Vision Pro can pose a formidable challenge, potentially requiring professional expertise and specialist tools.

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