Honor Magic6 Pro embarks on a journey to space to test cold resilience

Honor Magic6 Pro embarks on a journey to space

In January this year, Honor officially unveiled the highly anticipated Magic6 series, introducing a technological marvel: the second generation of Qinghai Lake battery. The latest development in battery technology promises exceptional performance, particularly highlighted during a recent high-altitude extreme cold test.

Honor Mobile has released a captivating video showcasing the Honor Magic6 Pro embarking on a journey to space to rigorously test the capabilities of the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery. The device began playing videos at 100% charge before ascending into the stratosphere, experiencing a drop in ambient temperature as it ascended, reaching as low as -18.3 degrees Celsius.

Honor Magic6 Pro embarks on a journey to space

Remarkably, after more than 3 hours of exposure to the harsh conditions of high altitude and extreme cold, the Magic6 Pro demonstrated an impressive 86% remaining power upon landing. This resilient performance speaks volumes about the reliability and durability of the second generation Qinghai Lake battery.

The test not only demonstrated the battery’s ability to withstand extreme cold, but also highlighted the importance of its lifespan during the cold winter months. Magic6 series users can now rest assured that their smartphones equipped with the second generation Qinghai Lake battery will not succumb to freezing temperatures, providing a smooth experience even in the harshest conditions.

What sets the second generation Qinghai Lake battery apart is its integration with a new self-developed energy efficiency improvement chip, E1. Additionally, Honor has implemented its proprietary power management system, enabling real-time voltage monitoring at the chip level. This technological synergy results in a triple improvement in the precision of energy efficiency management.

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