New color options rumored to be unveiled for iPhone 16 Pro

New color options rumored for iPhone 16 Pro

As anticipation builds for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 16 series, rumors and speculation continue to swirl, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what could be in store for consumers. The latest rumors revolve around possible color options for the iPhone 16 Pro, and a tipster recently shared some interesting ideas.

New color options rumored for iPhone 16 Pro

According to the source, the iPhone 16 Pro could come in two new color variants: Desert Yellow (Desert Titanium) and Cement Gray (Titanium Grey). The Desert Yellow shade is described as reminiscent of the gold finish seen on the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a deeper, heavier tone. Meanwhile, Cement Gray offers a space gray tone similar to that featured on the iconic iPhone 6.

New color options rumored for iPhone 16 Pro

However, it is essential to approach this information with a certain degree of caution, as the informant himself emphasized that these details should not be taken as gospel. As is often the case with pre-release rumors, there’s a chance that only one of these colorways will ultimately be approved for production. The source indicated that more updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

While Apple has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, the prospect of new color options adds an extra layer of excitement to the long-awaited iPhone 16 Pro. As enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements from the tech giant, speculation will no doubt continue to mount. in the period prior to the eventual presentation of the device.


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