Problems with the Poco C51 GPS? Efficient ways to solve them!

In this manual, we will offer you efficient methods to fix GPS problems on your Poco C51 so that you can have the correct GPS data on your device.

Efficient ways to resolve GPS issues on your Poco C51

1. Check location settings:

Start troubleshooting by checking your location settings. Go to the settings menu, select “Location” and make sure these services are enabled.

2. GPS signal strength:

Bad GPS signals are one of the reasons for incorrect location data. Check your phone’s GPS signal by going to settings. If the signal is weak, move to an open area away from tall houses or obstacles to allow the phone to obtain more stable reception. Testing the GPS in different locations can help determine if the problem is location-specific.

3. Restart your device:

A reset can help address problems associated with GPS. This process will update your settings and network settings, probably fixing the location related issue.

4. Update system software:

Software glitches or errors within the device or applications can cause such problems. These issues are caused by incomplete updates, compatibility issues, or corrupted documents. Make sure your Poco device is running the updated version of the software program. Manufacturers periodically release updates to address general performance issues. Check and configure updates periodically to keep your phone optimized.

5. GPS permissions:

Go to settings, choose “Apps” and identify the particular apps that use GPS. Make sure apps are granted permissions to allow proper GPS tracking.

6. Check for app updates:

GPS related issues can also be caused by apps configured within the device. Make sure any navigation or map apps you use are up to date. Developers periodically release updates to improve GPS accuracy and fix compatibility issues with software programs.

7. Clear GPS Data and Cache:

The accumulated GPS information and cache can also affect the accuracy of location tracking. Navigate to the phone settings, go to Manage Apps, choose “Applications”, find out the GPS apps and clear the cache of that app. This step can help resolve problems associated with corrupt events.

8. Disable Battery Optimization for GPS Apps:

Battery optimization settings may also disrupt GPS functionality. In the device settings, navigate to “Battery and general performance” or a similar section and disable battery optimization, mainly for apps that use GPS to fix these issues.

9. Use GPS in high precision mode:

For high GPS performance, use High Accuracy mode within location settings. This mode uses GPS and Wi-Fi/mobile data to track a particular region and provides accurate data.

10. Check for interference:

External interference, such as magnetic fields or digital devices, can affect GPS accuracy. If you are experiencing GPS problems, move to an area away from the sources of interference.


By starting these ways, you can resolve GPS issues on your Poco C51 efficiently. Please contact Poco support if the issues persist as they may be able to provide you with the appropriate methods to resolve the issues.

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